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Apply for a rebate for a compost bin

To help cut down on rubbish going to landfill, we offer a rebate program to Casey residents. 

Apply online


To claim a rebate you must:

  • provide a copy of your receipt
  • provide proof that you live in Casey (a recent utility bill, rates notice or similar)
  • only apply for one rebate per household.

Terms and conditions apply.

How much you can claim
As long as you have your receipt, you can claim:

  • $30 for a compost bin
  • $40 for a Bokashi bucket
  • $50 for a worm farm.

You can claim a maximum of 1 rebate per property.

If you paid less than the maximum rebate amount, we will only pay you the amount shown on your receipt.

What happens next

We will pay the rebate amount into your bank account within 30 days.