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Apply for a rebate for a compost bin

To help cut down on rubbish going to landfill, we offer a rebate program to Casey residents. 


To claim a rebate you must:

  • provide a copy of your receipt
  • provide proof that you live in Casey (e.g. a recent utility bill, rates notice or similar)
  • provide photo ID (e.g. driver’s license or passport)
  • only apply for one rebate per household.

The following terms and conditions apply

View the terms and conditions

1.    This rebate for the purchase of a compost bin, worm farm or bio-fermenter is open to households in the City of Casey only.

2 .    For a unit to qualify as a compost bin it has to produce a compost product. Even if it is marketed as a compost bin, if it is only used for storage and transport of food scraps, then it is not considered a compost bin. E.g., kitchen counter-top caddies, sometimes labelled compost bins, are designed for the storage and transport of food scraps but will not produce any compost.

3.    This rebate is for the purchase of a compost bin, worm farm, and bio-fermenter compost unit only. Transport costs and supplementary composting equipment (e.g. kitchen caddy) are not included in the rebate.

4.    For a unit to qualify as a Worm Farm, it needs to free-standing contained unit, where worms are required to be added for it to process. Regardless of marketing, any type of unit that gets buried in the garden is deemed a compost unit as worms come and go and are not an essential purchase, this includes pet poo composting systems.

5.    The rebate amount set for each item is capped at the specified amount. Rebate amounts may be dependant on the amount spent on the equipment by the resident. If the cost of the compost unit is less than the specified cap, residents will be paid the amount spent.

6.    A compost bin will receive a rebate of $30, a worm farm will receive a rebate of $50 and a bio fermenter will receive a rebate of $40. This is non-negotiable.

7.    One rebate per household after 1 January 2017. You must be the occupant of the property requesting the rebate.

8.    Composting equipment being claimed for must have been purchased this financial year.

9.    Applications are to be submitted online. If an applicant does not have computer access, entries can be completed over the phone on 9705 5200 or at Customer Service.

10.    Applicants must be over 18 years of age.

11.    Rebate cannot be used for ongoing consumables eg worms, bacteria, bio-fermenter liquid or grains.

12.    Council is not responsible for the quality or purchase of the composting equipment.

13.    Those wishing to claim a rebate must provide clear, recent proof of Casey residence (e.g. utility bill) and photo ID (e.g. driver’s license).

14.    Those wishing to claim a rebate must provide an itemised receipt as proof of purchase, which includes the item, cost, supplier and date. The copy of the receipt must be the whole (not a partial) copy.

15.    Online and second-hand purchases can be rebated if a valid proof of purchase is provided.

How much you can claim

As long as you have your receipt, you can claim:

  • $30 for a compost bin
  • $40 for a Bokashi bucket
  • $50 for a worm farm.

You can claim a maximum of 1 rebate per property.

If you paid less than the maximum rebate amount, we will only pay you the amount shown on your receipt.

How to apply

Applications must be made using the online form

Apply online

What happens next

We will pay the rebate amount into your bank account within 30 days.


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