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Sustainable and ethical shopping

sustainable shopping

Sustainability at home starts with what we buy and use at home. We understand it isn’t easy to be a conscious consumer, but we can all take small steps towards leaving a lighter shopping footprint. Here are a few ways to get started.

  • Think before you buy.  Ask yourself, “Do I need this? Will I wear or use this on a regular basis? What is the impact of this item on children, communities or the environment?”
  • Shop local. Support small businesses, farmers’ markets, and the local economy by choosing items grown or made locally in Casey. Bulk buying is another great way to reduce packaging waste. Bulk buying is another great way to reduce packaging waste.
  • Learn to repair items or buy second-hand.
  • Eat sustainably. We encourage you to choose foods that are produced in an ecologically and ethically responsible way – kind to growers, kind to animals, kind to the earth, and kind to your health. Choose sustainably certified: Support products that are ethically sourced, ethically made and ethically distributed. Fairtrade is about fair wages, decent working conditions, and local sustainability for workers in the developing world. If a product carries a seal from Fairtrade, work has been done to ensure that the product was produced ethically. 
  • You can also visit the  (published by the Ethical Consumer Group) which provides useful information on the environmental and social record of companies behind the brand names of common supermarket products.

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