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Immunisation overview

Immunisation is one of the safest and most effective ways to prevent illness. It also helps to stop the spread of infection and protect others.

Our Access immunisation records page details how you can request your child's vaccination history.

Vaccines for children

The Victorian Immunisation Schedule outlines which vaccines your child needs and when they are due. You can find more information on the MumBubVax website and the MCH app.

You can book a vaccination for your child at several sites, including:

  • one of the City of Casey immunisation sessions or,
  • your local GP.

If your child has missed some vaccinations or has had vaccinations overseas, you may need to update their vaccinations via a Catch-up schedule. You can request a Catch-up schedule:

The Council's Immunisation Team will assess submitted vaccination records and arrange a catch-up schedule for your child. Vaccination records must be in English. Contact the Department of Home Affairs' free translating service.

Vaccines for secondary school students

The Victorian Immunisation Schedule states which vaccines your child needs when they get to high school. Check your school enrolment pack for Vaccination requirements, information and consent card. Fill out and return to the school as soon as possible.

Where to get vaccinated
We visit Secondary schools twice yearly to immunise year 7 and 10 students. If your child misses a school immunisation session, contact the below to book an immunisation appointment:

Vaccines for adults and seniors

The Australian Government Department of Health Immunisation for Adults web page states what vaccines are available for adults and seniors.

Where to get vaccinated
You can book a vaccination at several sites, including:

Free flu vaccinations

The City of Casey Immunisation Service only provides government-funded flu vaccines when stock is available.

Seasonal flu vaccinations are available through Council immunisation sessions to those who meet the below criteria listed below:

  • Children 6 months to 5 years,
  • People over 65 years
  • Pregnant women
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and
  • People with increased risk of medical conditions

If you are not eligible for the free flu vaccine, you must go to your GP or local pharmacy.

Before booking your immunisation

The City of Casey runs several public immunisation sessions each month. Public immunisation sessions are for government-funded vaccines only. Please check your eligibility before booking a session. Anyone wishing to obtain vaccines not on this list must see their GP. 

Please check the status of your child's immunisation schedule. You can do this by:

What to bring to your immunisation session

Ensure you bring the following items to your scheduled vaccination:

  • Your Child Health Record Book (the 'green book')
  • Your Medicare card
  • Something to comfort your child, such as their favourite toy.

Please do not attend a session if you or your child is unwell. Though coronavirus restrictions have eased, attendees are still encouraged to be COVID Safe.

As the parent or guardian of a child under 18, you must provide legal consent before your child can be immunised. The immunisation staff will explain the risks and benefits of the vaccine before the immunisation session.

After your immunisation session

Your child must wait 15 minutes after the session to ensure they do not have any unexpected reactions to the vaccine(s). We will forward your child's immunisation records to the Australian Immunisation Register. This will allow you to receive the following:

  • an immunisation history statement so your child can go to child care, kinder or school
  • any family allowances relating to immunisation.

Book/update your immunisation session

The City of Casey's immunisation services now uses the CIRV Portal provided by the Victorian Department of Health. First-time users will be required to sign up before booking a vaccination date.

Session details are available in the immunisation schedule for 2023 and immunisation schedule for 2024.

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