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Council’s role in emergency management

All municipal councils play an important role in Victoria’s emergency management arrangements which is defined in the Emergency Management Act 2013 and the State Emergency Management Plan.

Some examples of how City of Casey contribute to keeping the community safe before, during and after an emergency include:

  • Educating the community about how to prepare themselves and their home for an emergency
  • Ensuring land use planning and building regulations are met to mitigate risks of earthquakes, storms, floods and bushfires
  • Providing water fountains and cool places for community during a heatwave
  • Undertaking food safety inspections and public health programs to prevent illness and disease
  • Maintaining drainage and flood mitigation infrastructure
  • Undertaking a fire hazard inspection program to mitigate the risk of bushfires in the municipality
  • Providing emergency services with council resources to support their response to an emergency
  • Closing roads and areas that have been affected by a disaster
  • Providing information to the community after an emergency about local supports available
  • Opening emergency relief centres to shelter displaced community members.

The City of Casey is also responsible for establishing and chairing the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC). The MEMPC is responsible for developing and maintaining the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) which considers the multi-agency arrangements for the mitigation of, response to and recovery from key risks at the municipal level. To learn more, visit Municipal Emergency Management Plan.

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