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Volunteering is very important in our community. You can join hundreds of local volunteers who regularly give their time and energy to help others. We also recognise our volunteers and volunteer organisations.

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Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering is a great way for you to get involved in your community. It also offers:

  • personal satisfaction
  • a sense of contributing to the local community
  • skill and knowledge development
  • work experience
  • personal development
  • friendship and fun
  • inclusion and community connection

Before you volunteer

If you want to start volunteering, think about the type of organisation that would suit you.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • Which organisations are close to you?
  • What types of skills do you have?

You should also consider:

  • Is the organisation a not-for-profit?
  • Does the purpose of the organisation match your own values and beliefs?
  • Will you be insured as a volunteer?
  • Is the volunteer role clear and specific?
  • Can the organisation provide you with written information about its purpose and activities?
  • Are you going to enjoy the tasks involved?

Examples of how you can volunteer

At Council, we have many ways you can volunteer with us. Below are just a few examples.

  • Help drive residents to events and appointments
  • Give our residents social support
  • Meals on Wheels (there is a waiting list to volunteer for this service)
  • Help at a kindergarten
  • Join an environment group via Landcare Victoria
  • Volunteer at an event
  • Mentor a learner driver

Other community groups

Besides volunteering with us, there are also many community groups in our region that need volunteers. Some examples of opportunities include:

  • preparing meals for disadvantaged children at schools
  • helping disabled people with various activities
  • gardening clubs and other environmental roles
  • working at OP Shops
  • local sports clubs

Casey service clubs

A service club is a not for profit organisation that meet to perform charitable works in the local community. The City of Casey is home to many service clubs including Inner Wheel, Kiwanis, Lions, Lionesses and Rotary. If you would like to join a service club in Casey or find out more information please contact us

Volunteering and joining a service club can benefit yourself and the community. Service Clubs across Casey provide a great opportunity to:

  • socialise with likeminded people
  • run community BBQs
  • raise money for charities and causes
  • contribute to your community
  • regular meetings and catch ups


If you have any questions about volunteering, you can contact us.

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