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Volunteer Transport

The Volunteer Transport program is a service that provides transport to residents of the City of Casey by volunteers. The program aims to assist residents to remain independent and stay involved in the community.

Volunteer drivers can transport you to:

  • medical appointments
  • visit family at nursing homes and hospitals.

The volunteers drive residents to their destination and return them home again. You can arrange to be dropped off somewhere other than your home, within your local area. Please arrange this with prior notice.

Volunteers support this program, you need to be able to:

  • make independent decisions about your health and wellbeing
  • be able to get in and out of the volunteer’s vehicle unassisted
  • walk unassisted for at least 100 metres (with a mobility aid if required).

Our volunteers are unable to:

  • push people in wheelchairs or wheelie walkers
  • lift wheelchairs in or out of cars
  • assist people with dependant mobility issues
  • be present during medical consultations

A carer or family member may go with you in the volunteer’s vehicle for help at medical appointments.

Appointment times

Please make appointments after 8.30 am and before 3.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Booking details

To make a booking for this program, you will need to contact Community Care’s Volunteer Transport Officer on 9705 5444.

We need at least 1 weeks’ notice to provide the service.

To be able to provide the service:

  • We will ask date and time of your appointment. You should provide destination and duration of the appointment if known.
  • If you wish to return to a destination other than your home, please inform the officer.
  • Contact the officer as soon as possible, if the appointment is cancelled or if the destination has changed
  • Please contact the officer if your health, mobility and/or medical condition have changed. We may need to arrange for an Assessment Officer to visit you to discuss the best transport option for you.

There is high demand for this program, however in most cases, we can offer up to 2 trips per month. Consult the Volunteer Transport Officer, to coordinate trips to further appointments.

Find out more

To find out more about our Volunteer Transport service, please contact our Community Care team on 9705 5444 or e-mail

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