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Get counselling and support

Our Youth Counselling and Support team offer a free, confidential counselling service for young people aged 10 to 25. We give young people someone to talk to when things are difficult to manage.

We also support parents and carers of young people who are experiencing difficulties or concerned about their child's mental wellbeing.

Services we offer

  • Individual counselling: for young people 13-25 years old who live, work, study or have a significant connection to Casey.
  • Parent assisted therapy: for children 10-12 years old, where parents will be actively involved in the counselling process and implementing strategies at home.
  • Support for parents or carers of 10-25 year olds: up to 3 sessions of support with the aim of providing mental health information, communication strategies with tweens and refining existing parenting skills. 

All services are confidential and offered free, without the need for a mental health care plan. We need parental consent for anyone under the age of 13 before they can begin receiving services.

Apply for services

Speak to a counsellor:

  • directly on the phone by calling: 9792 7279
  • if you're not comfortable calling, text a counsellor on 0417 347 909 to start the conversation. Make sure you include your name and contact number and we will get in touch.

You will speak directly to one of the counselling team members when you contact us. We know how important it is to reduce any delay to counselling and to make sure you only have to share your personal experiences one time. 

Consent and confidentiality

You can download the confidentiality and privacy form, consent to share information form and the consent to service form online.

Our locations

Our 3 City of Casey Youth Centres are an ideal place for counselling. They are an inviting, non-threatening environment and have connections to a range of activities, events and services.

Other support

You can also get support from:

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