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Maternal and child health

Service update: 5 April 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our healthcare workforce, including staff furloughs due to positive cases or isolation requirements. This means at times, some MCH services may not be able to deliver the full range of services and consultations and will need to prioritise care during those periods. There is a range of alternative support available, which is outlined in the information below.

Families can still access:

We understand that service changes will cause concern for some families, so please see below for the alternative community supports available.

  • Call the Maternal and Child Health Line on 13 22 29. The line is staffed 24-hours, seven-days-a-week by qualified MCH Nurses and provides confidential support and advice about the care and health of your child (from birth to school age).
  • Contact your regular General Practitioner or other regular health professional.
  • Visit a SuperCare pharmacy, which provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week access to healthcare advice and pharmacy services, including a FREE, on-site nursing service from 6 - 10.00 pm each night.
  • Contact an Optometrist for vision testing.
  •  Contact your regular MCH service to discuss your concerns. The Central Booking Number for Casey's MCH service is 9705 5590.
  • Visit Better Health Channel

About Casey's MCH services

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Service is a free program provided to support your family with information and child health, wellbeing and developmental checks from birth to 6 years of age.

Once your baby is born

Your hospital will notify our MCH service of your baby’s birth.

We will contact you to arrange the date and time of your first appointment. The first appointment is usually held in your own home, and following appointments are held at your local MCH centre. If you have recently moved into the City of Casey, please call 9705 5590 to make a booking with one of our nurses.

MCH nurses often work with families using interpreters. This is a free service to the family. The hospital will inform our service if an interpreter is required, or it is available on request.

Our recommended schedule of visits

The City of Casey provides over 10 'Key Age and Stage' visits.

For your first appointment, we will visit you in your home. We will make this appointment for you and you will receive an SMS reminder. Most families will visit a MCH centre for later visits. An SMS text message appointment reminder will be sent to you in the days leading up to each of your MCH Centre bookings.  

The City of Casey MCH Service provides 10 ‘Key Age and Stage Visits':

During your visits

At each nurse appointment you can talk about your concerns or ask questions about your child and your parenting experience. The nurse will check your child's health, growth and development, including hearing, vision, speech, and fine and gross motor skills.

The MCH nurse can give you information about parenting and children, including:

• infant feeding and nutrition,

• sleep and settling strategies,

• child behaviour and development,

• family health and wellbeing, and

• support for the emotional wellbeing of new parents.

Make a booking to see a nurse

To see a MCH nurse you need to make an appointment first by calling 9705 5590 during business hours (Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 5pm).

You can also send an email for general enquiries.

Maternal and Child Health programs

First time parent groups

All first-time parents will be invited to join a group with other first-time parents in Casey.

 A range of parenting topics are discussed at the sessions, which are held in the morning and afternoon, once a week for four weeks. 

Groups are run face to face, with an online group as an alternative option for those who are unable to attend in person

For more information or to make a booking, speak with your MCH nurse or call 9705 5590.

Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Services

The Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Service (EMCH) provides in-home support to families who are experiencing significant early parenting difficulties.

Some issues that can impact their ability to cope with being a parent include:

  • understanding child behaviour
  • skills and knowledge for raising a child
  • attachment concerns
  • isolation
  • mental health concerns for either parent
  • family violence
  • or drug and alcohol concerns.

Referrals into this program can be made by the hospital, your GP or your local MCH nurse. The child being referred into the program must be aged 3 years or younger. If you think you require this service, please consult your MCH nurse.

Sleep and settling

These FREE sessions provide information appropriate to your family's needs and the child's developmental age, covering:

  • Typical Sleep patterns and behaviours
  • Preventing sleep concerns
  • Solutions and strategies for sleep concerns
  • Support and self-care

Three types of group sessions are offered online and in-person:

  • Newborns to 3 months 
  • 4 to 8 months
  • 18 months to toddler

You can book online via trybooking

book on trybooking

For families requiring additional support, FREE individual home visits with a Sleep Consultant can also be requested.

For more information or bookings, email

Support around sleep and settling can also be provided via the 24 hour Maternal and Child Health Line on 13 22 29. 

Introducing foods online info session

City of Casey Maternal Child Health Service is offering an online information session around introducing foods. This will go for around 90minutes and will be via Microsoft Teams. Please register your interest to attend.

Topics will include:

  • Signs that your baby is ready for food
  • What to and what not to offer
  • How to cope with gagging and choking
  • Finger foods
  • Allergies
  • How to embrace mess and avoid food battles
  • Incorporating foods into the daily routine
  • When to stop bottles
  • Dental care

Breastfeeding support

 Locations for face-to-face appointments are spread throughout the City of Casey – call the Central Booking Number (9705 5590) for more information on these or speak with, a lactation consultant.

For immediate support, the Australian Breastfeeding Association Counselling Service is available 7 days a week by calling 1800 686 268



















Contact numbers











  • Your General Practitioner 
  • Maternal & Child Health Line – 13 22 29 (available 24 hours)
  • Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26
  • Children’s Hospital (Royal) 03 9345 5522
  • Child Protection Crisis Line 13 12 78
  • Parent Line 13 22 89


  • Child Safety Centre (RCH) 03 345 5085
  • Dental Health Services Victoria (Royal Dental Hospital)
  • Kidsafe - 03 9427 1008
    Kidsafe is an independent, non-profit, organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional death and injury to children through education, advocacy and research.
  • Koori Maternity ServicesBunurong Health Service  (located in Dandenong) - 9794 5933. 
    This State Government program offers flexible, inclusive, culturally appropriate pregnancy and postnatal care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in Victoria.
  • PANDA - 1300 726 306 
    Monday – Friday 9am – 7.30pm
    National Perinatal Mental Health Helpline for women, men and their families affected by perinatal mental illness.





  • Child Protection Crisis Line – 131 279
    A child in need of protection is a child who has suffered or is likely to suffer significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect, and there is no one to protect them. If you believe that a child is in need of protection please call the Child Protection Crisis Line.

  • inTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence - 8413 6800  
    Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm
    Gives voice and provides culturally sensitive services, state-wide, to meet the needs of women and children from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds (CALD) backgrounds affected by domestic violence. 
  • Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre - 9322 3555 or 1800 015 188
    A 24-hour phone line service for women and children experiencing violence and abuse from a partner or ex-partner, another family member or someone close to them.

  • Early Parenting Centres