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Book a hard rubbish collection

Coronavirus (COVID-19) important information

Please note that hard waste bookings cannot be made if anyone at your property is currently isolating due to coronavirus or showing possible symptoms. A booking can be made once you have completed the mandatory isolation period.

Booking checklist

To book a hard rubbish collection, please make sure you:

  • have not already used up your 2 collections per property this calendar year. To find out how many collections you have left, please contact WM Waste Management Services on 9729 9100
  • are familiar with what we can and can't collect
  • place your rubbish out for collection on the Sunday before your collection week
  • understand you must arrange your rubbish into 4 piles (garden waste, mattresses, metal, general)

Choose when we collect your rubbish

When booking, you can choose the week we collect your rubbish. We need at least 5 days' notice to collect your rubbish, so unfortunately last minute bookings are not possible.

We will collect your rubbish between Monday and Friday of your chosen week.

Book online

Book online

If you are unable to book online, please contact WM Waste Management Services on 9729 9100. Sometimes the phone lines can be busy. To avoid being placed on hold, we recommend you book online.

What happens next

  • We will send you an SMS the Friday before your collection week. This is to remind you that we will collect your rubbish in the coming week.
  • Place your rubbish on your naturestrip after you have received this SMS.
  • Arrange your rubbish into 4 piles (garden waste, mattresses, steel/metal and general hard waste).
  • Take a photo of your rubbish pile in case you have any issue with dumped rubbish or a missed collection.