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Order bins or request a service

Bin packages

The cost of your chosen bin package will be added to your rates notice.

Properties bigger than 400m2

You will need all three bins if your property is larger than 400m2.

Eco option Standard option
Rubbish bin - 80 litre
Recycling bin - 240 litre
Food and garden bin - 240L litre
$395 per year
Rubbish bin - 120 litre
Recycling bin - 240 litre
Food and garden bin - 240 litre
$426 per year
$395 per year $426 per year

Properties smaller than 400m2

If your property is under 400m2, you only need the Rubbish and the Recycle bins. Food and garden bins are optional.

Eco option Standard option
Rubbish bin - 80 litre
Recycling bin - 240 litre
$318 per year
Rubbish bin - 120 litre
Recycling bin - 240 litre
$349 per year
$318 per year $349 per year

Commercial (businesses)

Food and garden waste bins are not available for businesses.

Eco option Standard option
Recycling bin - 240 litre
$183 + GST per year
Rubbish bin - 120 litre
Recycling bin - 240 litre
$312 + GST per year
$183 per year $312 per year


Order bins for a new property

Usually, your package must include three bins (rubbish + recycling + food and garden). This helps to keep our city clean and environmentally friendly. A food and garden bin is optional if your property is less than 400m2.

If you are in a rental property, you must order the standard option containing the 120 litre garbage bin).

Our bins have changed colours. Newly ordered or replaced bins are as follows:

  • Rubbish  = red lid
  • Recycling = yellow lid
  • Food and garden = green lid

bins colours

Order a new bin package


Order additional bins

You can order extra bins to manage your waste better. The cost of these bins is added to your rates notice. Though you may be exempt from the additional cost if:

  • Six or more people live in your house or
  • Extra waste is created due to a medical condition.

You can only purchase one extra of each bin type; only property owners can approve and order additional bins.

Service will be provided and charged for at least six months.

Bin type Annual fees Capacity
Rubbish $282 per year 120 litre
Food and garden $107 per year 240 litre
Recycling $35 per year 240 litre

    Order additional bins


    Cancel your additional bins

    Your rates usually include three bins (Rubbish + Recycling + Food and garden). You can only cancel the additional bins you ordered for the property.

    Cancelled bins will be removed at your following collection. Please ensure your bin is empty before you ask us to remove it. Remember to cancel any additional bins before you sell your house or move.

    Cancel additional bins


    Change your bin package

    You may be able to change your bin package to manage your waste better. Package fees will be amended accordingly and added to your rates. The fee adjustment will be pro-rata from when the bin package was changed. You will be refunded if you downsize to a cheaper bin package.

    Bins will be swapped within three working days after your following collection. If your collection is on a Friday, please take your bin in over the weekend and leave it out on Monday for us to collect. Please make sure it is empty.

    Only the owner can upsize or downsize the bins at a property.

    Get in touch with us to change your bin package.


    Repair a damaged bin

    Repairing damaged bins is a free service, and depending on the type of repair (lids, pins and wheels), it will be fixed at your home.

    If the wheels are damaged, please make sure the bin is empty before we arrive to repair it. A repair person will generally fix the wheels within three working days.

    If your bin is damaged beyond repair, we will leave a card in your letterbox with more information. You must then call Council to arrange a replacement.

    Request bin repair


    Replace a missing, stolen or damaged bin

    Replacing a bin is a free service. Do not order new or additional bins if your bin needs to be replaced. Ordering new or additional bins will result in you being charged extra.

    Before you make a request:

    • Check with your neighbours to see if they have your bin by accident.
    • See if your bin has ended up further down your street.

    We will replace your bin within three days.

    Damaged bins must be emptied before we can replace them.

    Replace a bin


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