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Kindergarten fees


As part of the Victorian State Governments ongoing commitment to early years, to ensure every child gets the best start in life, from 2023 kindergarten will be free for both three and four year old programs.

City of Casey managed kindergarten programs will offer the following hours in 2023;

  • 5 hours of free 3-year-old kindergarten and;
  • 15 hours of free 4-year-old kindergarten.

See the flyer for more information 

Kindergarten fees for 2022

Kindergarten fees for Council-managed kindergarten programs for 2022 are $465.00 per term for 4-year-old kindergarten and $155 per term for 3-year-old kindergarten.

Your fees will go towards maintaining and operating the kindergarten and cover the gap between the cost to run the kindergarten and funding from the government. As funding will change every year, the fees we charge for kindergarten may also change.  

Independently managed kindergartens 

Independently managed kindergartens set their own fees and structure.  

Please contact the individual kindergarten for more information.