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Accessibility Framework for Action 2018-21

Version 1.0


The Accessibility Framework for Action 2018 – 2021 (AFA), with a year one action plan, sets out Council’s commitment to making the Casey municipality more accessible for people with a disability. The AFA aims to enable people with a disability to achieve their full potential and live a fulfilling and productive life.

The AFA is an opportunity to review and improve Council’s current services, programs, facilities, infrastructure and employment, to better cater for the needs of people with a disability, working toward eliminating discrimination.

The AFA is based on community feedback, particularly the lived experience of people with a disability and their carers in the City of Casey. The AFA has also considered relevant State and Federal legislation, and alignment to the Victorian State Disability Plan and the Inclusive Casey Strategic Framework.

The framework provides an understanding of disability, detailing the ethical, legal, demographic and social imperatives for such a framework. It also outlines the process undertaken to develop the AFA, detailing governance arrangements and the consultation on which the framework is based.

The AFA identifies principles, goals and associated strategic objectives that Council commits to implementing over the next three years, as well as year one actions. The three goals are:

1. Create an accessible Casey for people with a disability

2. Promote inclusion and participation for people with a disability

3. Increase leadership and employment opportunities for people with a disability

The AFA is part of a suite of strategic frameworks that aims to achieve Council’s strategic objective to create a safe, inclusive and connected community.

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