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Changes to Council’s Recycling Service


For many years the City of Casey has provided residents with an additional recycling bin for free upon request. 

The take up of additional recycling bins in Casey has increased significantly over time and there are now approximately 20,000 additional free recycling bins allocated to residential properties.

A recent audit of the bins showed that only 40 per cent of these additional recycling bins are being put out for collection. Council pays for the collection of every bin, even if they are not put out each fortnight.

The cost of these additional bins had previously been partially subsidised by income received from Council’s recycling processor, with the remaining cost of the service included in the calculation of the Waste Services Charge applied to all properties. This situation has changed, and the service is now significantly more expensive for Council to deliver. 

At its meeting on 16 April 2019, Council decided to introduce a user pays service charge for an additional recycling bin. 

The introduction of a user pays charge for additional recycling bins will provide an alternative option for residents requiring additional capacity for recyclables and will recoup the cost of delivering the service without causing a cost impost on other ratepayers.

From 1 October 2019, Council will be introducing a charge of $30 per year for residential properties that have a second recycling bin.

If you have a second recycling bin you will receive a letter from Council directly asking if:
a)    You want to keep the bin at a charge of $30 per year
b)    You want to return the bin
c)    You do not have a second recycling bin at the property

Council will be collecting returned bins between 19 August and 13 September 2019. 

All recycling bins returned to Council will be cleaned and stored to be used as replacement bins.