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When to register your child for kindergarten Choosing your child's kindergartenHow to register your child for kindergarten Changing your registration detailsFrequently asked questions (FAQ)

When to register your child for 4-year-old kindergarten

You can register your child for 4-year-old kindergarten any time after they are born.

You should submit your child's registration before 30 April in the year before they are due to attend kindergarten. To find out when your child will attend kindergarten, see the Frequently asked questions about kindergarten webpage.

Registrations submitted after 30 April

If you submit your child's registration after 30 April in the year before they attend kindergarten, it will be considered a late registration and will not be included in the early allocations.

Choosing your child's kindergarten

You can nominate up to five kindergartens where you would like your child to attend.

We try to make sure your child attends one of your preferred kindergartens. Sometimes this will not be possible due to high demand.

If you only nominate one preferred kindergarten, there may be a delay in offering your child a kindergarten place.

Find a kindergarten

There are three ways to find kindergartens in the City of Casey:

You are welcome to visit any kindergarten before you register your child. Please contact the kindergarten directly to make an appointment.

How to register your child for 4-year-old kindergarten 

Register for 4-year-old kindergarten online

If you are unable to register online, print and complete the Kindergarten Registration Form (203kb) for each child. You can return the form with payment by post or in person to a Customer Service Centre.

Registration fee

You must pay a non-refundable $20 registration fee for each child. If you register online, you will need to pay your registration fee with your credit or debit card.

You may not need to pay the registration fee if:

  • your family identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • your application was received directly from a secondary service.

New online registration system coming soon

We will soon be launching a parent portal which will allow you to manage all aspects of your kindergarten registration online.

What happens next?

We will offer your child a kindergarten place the year before they are due to begin.

To accept the offer and secure your child's place in kindergarten, you need to pay a non-refundable $50 deposit. Some families may be eligible for a Kindergarten Fee Subsidy (KFS). For more information, please see Kindergarten Fees on the Victorian Government's Department of Education and Training webpage

If you don't wish to accept the offer, please see What if I am not offered my most preferred kindergarten? to find out your options. 

Changing your registration details 

Update kindergarten details online

If you are unable to change your registration details online, or for more information, please see the Change to kindergarten registration webpage.

Final Kindergarten Update Form

You will receive a Kindergarten Update Form the year before your child is eligible to attend kindergarten. This will give you a final chance to update your preferred kindergartens, contact details or circumstances.

You must complete and return the Kinder Update Form, even if you have no changes to report.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you don't receive an offer for your most preferred kindergarten, you have a few options:

  • Accept the offer. By accepting the offer, you confirm your child will attend the kindergarten in your offer.
  • Accept the offer and join the waiting list. We will add you to the waiting list for your most preferred kindergarten. If a place becomes available, we will transfer your child. If a place does not become available, your child will attend the kindergarten in your original offer.
  • Decline the offer and remain on the waiting list for your most preferred kindergarten.
  • Cancel your child's kindergarten registration.

Due to the ongoing offer process, the waiting list is constantly changing. Because of this, we cannot tell you where you are on the waiting list.

Kindergarten offers are processed using Casey's Central Registration Scheme (CCRS), in accordance with Department of Education and Training (DET) Priority of Access guidelines and the City of Casey Enrolment Procedure.