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Your child's kindergarten year

Transitioning to kindergarten

Our Council managed kindergarten program is designed to ease you and your child into the rhythm of attending kindergarten. 

An opportunity will be given for your child to engage with their offered kindergarten in the year prior to starting. Each kindergarten will do this individually. 

The Department of Education and Training also offers tips on starting a kindergarten program

First session at kindergarten 

The first session you and your child attends will be an orientation session. This session will: 

  • help your child feel secure as they get to know the other children and educators 

  • help your child become familiar with the kindergarten environment 

  • give you the opportunity to meet your child's educators and fellow kindergarten parents 

  • provide time for any paperwork to be returned.

We will ask that you stay at the service with your child for the duration of this session. 

The first few weeks of kindergarten

The start of the kindergarten year will follow an adjusted timetable to the rest of the year. This will help gradually introduce your child to kindergarten. 

We will provide the adjusted session times with your kindergarten timetable. 

Our kindergarten philosophy

Our educators purposefully plan the environment to encourage your child's natural curiosity and to guide their individual learning. They support your child in developing social relationships, communication, respect for one another and the world around them. Our kindergartens help to prepare your child for life. 

How we help your child to learn

We have designed our kindergarten program to maximise your child's learning. To help deliver the best outcomes for your child, we: 

  • intentionally teach with specific goals in mind to enhance your child's overall development and learning capability 

  • work alongside your child to guide and help create richer and more meaningful learning and thinking 

  • encourage your child through play to develop skills as well as explore a variety of ideas, topics and concepts.

Flexible eating approach 

We believe snacks and lunch time offer a valuable learning experience for children. In our kindergartens, children gather in small groups to enjoy snack time together. This encourages children to develop independence and interact socially, without impacting on other children's needs, play interests and ideas. 

Indoor/outdoor program 

We believe that important learning occurs both indoors and outdoors. In our kindergartens, we combine both environments into one seamless learning space. This allows children to explore, discover and collaborate both indoors and outdoors at their own pace to maximise their learning. 

Get involved

Working with your family assists educators to build strong relationships with your child, supporting their growth and development.

We encourage you to discuss how you can get involved in the kindergarten with your child's educators. 

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