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Year 7 - Tertiary: Environment tour


We deliver the program as a 2 hour walking tour of the farm. We will cover the below topics during the discussion.

The farm from past to present

  • A brief history of Myuna Farm.
  • Industrial agriculture versus a more holistic, integrated approach to land management.
  • Find out why Myuna Farm (and similar facilities) are a valuable resource to the community.
  • The importance of education in driving behavioural change.

Environmentally friendly features

  • Sustainable Building Design in the Animal Display Centre.
  • Renewable energy at the farm.
  • Recycling systems, including compost.
  • Water harvest and water conservation.

Explore the wetlands

  • Take a the tractor ride to the man-made wetlands along side Dandenong Creek.
  • Discuss biodiversity and water quality, then learn how we can improve the health of a wetland ecosystem.
  • View the Colony of Grey Headed Flying Foxes hanging around the wetlands

Locally grown food

  • Community gardens and the environmental benefits of locally grown food.
  • Organic gardening, companion planting and the importance of healthy soil.
  • Soil and it’s role in the carbon cycle.


  • The tour lasts for 2 hours.
  • We can accommodate a maximum of 20 students per group.

Minimum attendance

Each program requires a minimum of 18 students. A minimum payment for 18 students is required, if less than 18 attend.


  • GST free for schools only.
  • $11.00 per student.


  • Free (when ratio of adults to students is less than one-to-five)
  • Additional adults: $11.50


Booking enquiries can be made via the online booking form. Or if you have questions, please contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 9706 9944.

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