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Year 7 - 12: Sustainability and food production


Wetland biodiversity

  • Catch the Myuna Farm train down to the wetlands and participate in hands-on netting for invertebrates.
  • Participate in a biodiversity analysis and discuss potential human impacts, habitats and the wetland conservation.

Carbon cycle

  • Learn about the carbon cycle and the important role that it plays in the environment.
  • Participate in a guided farm tour where students identify the many ways that Myuna Farm mitigates its environmental impacts.
  • Investigate actions that will reduce their energy use at home.

Food sustainability

  • Learn about ‘Food Miles’ and how our food choices can contribute to greenhouse gas production.
  • Participate in a hands-on ‘Food Miles’ activity designed to analyse how the transport of food contribute to global warming and greenhouse gas production.
  • Learn about composting on a farm or at home and see the composting cycle at Myuna Farm.

Water and soil quality

  • Discover the importance behind soil structure and the impacts that it can have on waterways.
  • Conduct a hands-on analysis of the farm’s soil quality and run tests on water samples from the Dandenong Creek.
  • Participate in a group discussion about how the results may be linked to the biodiversity in the Dandenong Creek and wetlands.


Each session runs for 50 minutes and will be scheduled to accommodate your group’s needs.

Minimum attendance

Each program requires a minimum of 18 students. A minimum payment for 18 students is required, if less than 18 attend.


$12.50 per student.


  • Free (when ratio of adults to students is less than one-to-five).
  • Additional adults: $11.

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