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What's on in Casey

Events and attractions

mum and son feeding chickens

Want to attend an event near you? Our events calendar contains all local, community and Council activities.

Feel like exploring your new community? Casey hosts a range of attractions for all ages.

Bunjil Place

Bunjil Place is the City of Casey’s vibrant entertainment precinct, and the creative and community heart of the region. The state-of-the-art facility was opened in 2017.

children playing in bunjil fountain

Bunjil Place is well worth a visit and it's easy to find and access. It's located a short stroll from Fountain Gate shopping centre, and just next to our Casey Aquatic and Recreation Centre (Casey ARC).

Want to know what's on at Bunjil Place? Sign up to the Bunjil Place newsletter on the Bunjil Place website.

Explore Casey

Explore Casey is our interactive map that provides information on locations  such as playgroups, sports facilities and public art.

Want to find what's in your area? Explore Casey can show you all the amenities around your home.

Connect with Casey

Want to stay in touch with Casey news and updates? You can follow us on facebook, instagram or twitter to keep up to date on all Council meetings, news and events.

Casey Conversations

Casey Conversations is our community engagement tool where residents can share their thoughts on local projects and initiatives. 

Have some feedback on a local project? You can have your say at Casey Conversations.

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