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What we can and can't collect

What we can collect

Item Amount

(TVs, computers, phones etc.)

Please remove all batteries, which must be disposed of separately. Drop-off centres can also be located using our online waste disposal directory.

Mattresses and bed bases Must fit within 3 cubic metre limit 
Tyres Maximum of 4
White goods (Stoves, fridges, washing machines etc.) Unlimited (must be within 3m3). Fridge/freezer door removed. 
Garden waste Maximum of 5 tied bundles of vines, cuttings and branches
(needs to be able to be lifted by the tied string)

Other items we can collect

We can also collect the following items but they may be sent to landfill. If possible, we recommend you find a recycling facility near you to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

  • empty paint tins (dry with lids removed)
  • timber - not from renovations (maximum of 12 pieces)
  • 3 logs (max weight: 30kg each; max diameter: 15cm)
  • 1 tree stump (max weight: 30kg; max diameter: 15cm)
  • scrap metal no longer than 1.5m
  • steel bed frames
  • household furniture (electrical appliances, toys, pots, crockery etc.)
  • carpet/underlay (up to 3 rolls)
  • baby seats and capsules with straps removed
  • glass mirrors/windows (securely wrapped in cardboard & taped and labelled "glass")
  • small car parts, lawnmowers and tools
  • flattened cardboard

What we can't collect

We will not collect the following items as part of your hard rubbish collection. Find out where you can dispose of other items.

  • floor boards
  • gas bottles
  • batteries
  • soil, rubble, concrete or bricks
  • household waste
  • garden waste in plastic bags
  • renovation and building materials
  • pallets
  • plasterboard, fibreboard (MDF), cupboard and bench materials
  • fence panels or fencing timber
  • fire extinguishers
  • coil springs
  • car bodies
  • barbed wire
  • chemicals or empty containers
  • asbestos sheeting or products
  • unwrapped or broken glass
  • paint

Dispose or donate other items 

If you have items such as clothing, consider donating or selling them if they are in good condition. To find out where you can donate and, dispose of other items not listed above, use our online waste disposal directory.

How to arrange your rubbish

  • Arrange into 4 neat piles (garden waste, mattresses, steel/metal and general).
  • A maximum of 3 cubic metres (3m x 1m width x 1m height) of acceptable rubbish.
  • Items should not be longer than 1.5m (except mattresses)
  • Items should not weigh more than 30kg
  • Council may collect up to 6 cubic metres but will use your second hard rubbish collection allowance. If you don't have a spare collection, leftover rubbish won't be collected.

Hard Rubbish pile with measurements 3m by 1m by 1m
Example of how to leave hard rubbish on the nature strip.


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