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We Are We Can We Will program

We Are We Can We Will aims to empower, encourage and break down barriers to get more women and girls involved in sport and physical activity!

We are passionate about improving the health and well being of our community. Through this program, we aim to inspire and support more women and girls to get active.

No matter your age, background, ability, fitness level, shape or size, you can embrace sport and physical activity in any way that suits you and learn to lead a healthier and happier life!

Keep updated via this webpage, the events calendar and follow the City of Casey on Facebook for ideas, inspiration and events.

Why it's important

It’s widely known that being active is important for our physical and mental health. But research shows:

  • that most adults aren’t getting enough exercise in their week
  • females of all ages generally have lower physical activity participation rates than males
  • participation in sport and active recreation declines as females get older
  • female participation through sporting or recreational clubs is also lower compared to males

What the program will do

Through We Are We Can We Will we will be:

  • sharing the stories of our local campaign ambassadors
  • promoting a variety of local sport and recreation opportunities to inspire you to get active
  • providing learning and development opportunities to increase the skills of women and girls and enable greater involvement across all aspects of the sector

Program ambassadors

We've enlisted the help of some local women and girls as campaign ambassadors to share their stories of why they love being involved in sport and recreation.

Find out more about our 5 amazing ambassadors.