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Waste, drainage and environment

Find policies, plans and strategies about how Council manages waste, drains and the environment.


Title Summary
Climate Action Plan 2022-30 The City of Casey is committed to net zero corporate emissions by 2030 and will support the community target of net zero emissions by 2040 or earlier.
Onsite Stormwater Detention Policy This policy details the safeguards enforced by Council to ensure that stormwater runoff generated by new developments does not adversely impact downstream properties for all storm events up to and including the 100-year ARI event.
Rethink Your Waste! (Waste management strategies) The City of Casey is challenging the city's community and our residents to 'Rethink your Waste!' by rethinking our approach to waste, we can create financial, environmental and community benefits for the City of Casey.
Rural Drainage Policy This policy establishes Council's principles and responsibilities for managing rural stormwater drainage.


Title Summary
City of Casey Tree Guide Tree landscapes are highly valued by the City of Casey. There are an estimated 250,000 trees growing in streets, parklands and several hundred thousand on private land across the municipality and Casey is committed to the preservation and expansion of its urban forest, which includes the City’s streets and reserves and those trees on private land.
Electric Line Clearance Management Plan 2023/24 The Electric Line Clearance Management Plan demonstrates the City of Casey’s compliance with Energy Safe Victoria’s requirement for the safe management of vegetation near public powerlines
Emissions Management Plan 2018-22
Environment Strategy 2021-25

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