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Visiting Western Port

Historical attractions

Fisherman's Cottage Museum

Fisherman’s Cottage Museum is a historic property managed by the Cranbourne Shire Historical Society and owned by the City of Casey. The cottage is one of few remaining examples of fishermen’s houses that originally dotted both sides of Sawtell’s Inlet in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The cottage has a display shed featuring fishing and farming equipment going back as far as the 1870s.

Natural environment

Marine national parks

Western Port has 3 national marine parks:

These national parks help protect areas along our coastline (such as seagrass beds, rocky reefs, saltmarshes, and kelp forests), and known fish nurseries.

For more information on Marine Parks in Victoria, visit the Parks Victoria website.


There are a number of trees and plants that call Western Port home, many of which are indigenous to the area:

  • mangroves
  • saltmarsh
  • seagrass
  • swamp paperbacks
  • gum trees

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There are lots of different animals that live or migrate to Western Port at different times in the year:

  • migrating shorebirds that travel 12,000km from the Arctic to Western Port in the summer
  • underwater wildlife such as sea dragons, seahorses and abalone
  • many different breeds and varieties of fish

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