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Update registration

Changes you must tell us about

You must update your child's kindergarten registration if you: 

  • have moved house or changed your contact details 

  • want to change your preferred kindergartens 

  • want to change the year your child attends kindergarten 

  • want to cancel your child's kindergarten registration.

What is the last date I can update my preferred kindergartens?

You have until June 30 to make any changes to your preferred kindergartens.  Any changes made to your preferred kindergarten will be included after the first round of kindergarten offers

Transfer the year your child attends

If your child is born between 1 January and 30 April, you can choose the year they attend kindergarten. 

If you want to postpone the year they begin kindergarten, you must submit a transfer request before they begin kindergarten. 

How to update your registration 

You can update your registration via the kindergarten Parent Portal.

You can also view the proposed timetable for 2024.

Please note: Timetables are subject to change due to State and Federal funding and operational requirements of the centre. This may include the addition, cancelling or merging of groups.

If you cannot update your registration online, please print and complete the Change to Kindergarten Registration form

You can submit the form: 


Please download the below guides to support updating your registration

What happens next

We will process your request and update your details. You will be notified once this is complete via email.  

Final chance to update your details

In the year before your child is due to attend kindergarten, we will send you an email and SMS requesting you to update your details via the Parent Portal. This is your last opportunity to update your details on our system before the offering of kindergarten places begins.  Please note that you will need to supply proof of birth for your child to complete your update. 

If you cannot update your details online, please print and complete the Change to Kindergarten Registration form

Return this form by: 

What happens next 

We will offer your child a kindergarten place the year before they are due to begin. You can respond to your offer in several ways.