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City of Casey manages 50 kindergartens that are led by early childhood professionals. They use the most up-to-date research to ensure your child gets the most out of their year at kindergarten.

Need to register your child for kinder? You can register for 4-year-old kindergarten using our online form.  Further details and other enrolment options can be found online.

Pet registration

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Transfer your pet registration

Need to transfer your pet to your new address? To transfer your pet from another council in Victoria, please complete a transfer your pet registration form. You will not be charged again if you can provide proof of payment from your previous Victorian Council for the current registration period. If your pet was registered in another state, you must register it again.

Please email the completed form to City of Casey.

New pet registration

Got a new pet for your new home? You can register your pet using our online form.

You must register your new cat or dog with Council once it is over 3 months old. Guidelines and fees on pet registration can be found on our website.


Need your council rates notice sent to your new address? You can update your contact details via our website.

Enrolment for elections

Every time you move, you must update your address on the electoral roll or your name could be removed and you will be unable to vote. You are eligible to enrol for your new address if you have lived there for at least one month.

Have you updated your address on the electoral roll? You can update your details on the Australian Electoral Commission website.

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