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Trucks and large vehicles

Council receives many reports from residents about large vehicles parked for long periods of time in their street. 

Vehicles that are commonly reported to Council after hours include:

  • Trucks
  • Caravans
  • Trailers
  • other large vehicles.

If you believe a large vehicle or truck is parked illegally, you can report the matter online for our parking officers to investigate.

Trucks, caravans or trailers in residential and commercial areas

The City of Casey does not support drivers parking or storing large heavy vehicles in built up areas whether they are in a residential zone or commercial business precinct. Parking a heavy or long vehicle on the road can create a hazard for motorists and pedestrians and obstruct the view for other drivers.

Truck parking and storage facilities are available in Pakenham and Dandenong South for residents and businesses in the southeast region. Illegally parked vehicles will be fined.

It is also illegal under the Victorian Road Safety Rules 2017 for a vehicle to be parked in a built up area for more than one hour and be:

  • 7.5 metres or longer or
  • A heavy vehicle greater than 4500 GVM.

These vehicles cannot park in residential areas for more than one hour unless parking signs indicate otherwise, or they are picking up or dropping off goods.

Between sunset and sunrise, vehicles over 2.2m in width must also have a lit lamp attached to the rear of the vehicle on the side closest to the centre of the road.

Large vehicles on private property

Trucks and other large vehicles need a permit to park on private property ( If you intend to park more than 1 long heavy vehicle on private land, please consult our planning team): 

Apply for a truck parking permit

If you are unable to complete the application online, print and complete the Private Land Use Permit Application form.

By monitoring where large vehicles are registered Council can ensure it is:

  • maintaining the amenity of its streets and neighbourhoods
  • reducing the impact of noise and fumes
  • identifying safety and parking impacts these vehicles can have for residents.

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