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Truck parking permit

Large vehicles, such as trucks, need a permit to park on private property.

By monitoring where large vehicles are registered Council can ensure it is:

  • maintaining the amenity of its streets and neighbourhoods
  • reducing the impact of noise and fumes
  • identifying safety and parking impacts these vehicles can have for residents.

 Apply for a long heavy vehicle permit through our online form. If you intend to park more than 1 long heavy vehicle on private land, please consult our planning team:

Long heavy vehicle permit


  • The application fee is $138 (non refundable)
  • Long/heavy vehicles permit fee is $460

The fee is for storing 1 heavy vehicle on private land.

You must pay both the application and permit fee when you apply. If your application is unsuccessful the permit fee will be refunded.

How to apply

To apply to keep a large vehicle on private property, you must:

Due to customer service centre closures, you must submit the completed application by email to [email protected].

If you cannot submit by email, you can post your application.

What happens next

  • We will consult with your neighbours to let them know you wish to keep a large vehicle in a residential area.
  • We will inspect the area where you plan to keep your vehicle.
  • If your permit is approved, you must pay a yearly fee.
  • You must renew your permit every year.

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