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Tree root management

Tree growth is strongly influenced by below-ground conditions. Tree roots will flourish wherever moisture, oxygen, nutrients, and soil structure are favourable.

Tree root growth in the urban environment is highly modified and is not governed by property boundaries. Root pathways cannot be predicted.

Tree root damage to footpaths, roads and roadside kerbs may happen when space for root growth is limited. Tree root damage to pipes can occur when the pipes are damaged, broken or cracked allowing roots to invade the pipe.

Some of the ways tree root damage can be avoided is by:

  • constructing root-resistant footpaths and foundations where possible, and
  • containing tree roots within a defined area, while still providing for a tree’s growth requirements.

You can ask Council to investigate tree root damage from trees on public land, if you feel they are causing damage to your property, by making an online request.

Request a Council tree service

Trees will not be removed for unsubstantiated claims of damage from tree root activity.

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