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Transfer your pet registration

Transfer from another council

Council accepts pet registration transfers from another Council in Victoria. Please complete a pet registration form and provide proof of payment from your previous council for the current registration period.

If your pet was registered in another state, you must register it again.

Renew your registration

After you have transferred your registration to Casey, you must renew it each year.

If you are eligible for a reduced fee registration, you must let us know during renewal time. If you do not let us know, you will be charged the full registration fee.

Visit the Agriculture Victoria website to find out more about pet registration fees.

Transfer from another owner

To transfer your pet’s registration from another owner, please complete a Transfer of Animal Registration form. If your animal’s previous owner lived outside of Casey you will need to complete a new registration.

You'll need to provide:

  • the pet's microchip number
  • the pet's animal ID (find this on the pet's registration renewal notice)
  • details of the previous owner
  • your details

If you wish to pay by credit card, please complete and submit a Credit Card Authorisation form.

Due to customer service centre closures, you must submit the completed application by email to

If you cannot submit by email, you can post your application.

Transfer from another pet

If your pet has died you can transfer its registration to a new pet. If your pet died before 10 June you can get a full transfer of fees. If your pet has died between 10 June and 10 of October, you can transfer 50% of your fee.

Transfer of registration will incur a $4.00 government levy fee. Please complete a pet registration form and email to

You can also cancel your pet's registration.