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Things to do at Wilson Botanic Park Berwick

This page contains a list of permanent ongoing activities and attractions at the park.  Any temporary attractions and events will be listed on our what's on and Facebook pages.

Park Map

Find your way around using this handy park map.

Dog walking

Pop a lead on your dog and join the thousands of active dog walkers who already use the park. Please keep in mind that:

  • dog bags are available at all entrances to the park
  • you must clean up after your dog
  • your dog must be on lead at all times

Virtual Geoheritage Walk 

Join us for the ‘Virtual Geoheritage Walk’ livestream launch of Wilson Botanic Park Berwick.

Discover the geological history of the park and its fossils while taking in the beauty of this botanical wonderland. It houses more than 1000 plant species - both native and exotic - and over 80 kinds of wildlife, including birds, turtles, frogs, lizards and snakes.

This launch is set to take place in conjunction with the National Trust’s Australian Heritage Festival, which occurs from 18 April to 19 May 2021.

You may like to take one of our scheduled guided walks of the park. To check for upcoming tours, visit our events page.

You can also find a full transcript of this video and further information on the history of Wilson Botanic Park Berwick


With plenty of areas to choose from, you will find an ideal spot for a picnic in the park.

Some spots you might not have thought of include:

  • The Ball Games area if the kids (or adults) want to have a game of cricket or kick a ball around
  • Hoo Hoo Tower lawn - an amazing view over Anniversary Lake
  • Basalt Lake
  • Amphitheatre Hill

Gather: Food, coffee & Co

The Gather: Food, coffee & Co cafe at Wilson Botanic Park Berwick is open 7 am - 3.30 pm daily.

View the cafe gallery


You will find endless options for casual or fitness walking at the park.

  • The bitumen circuit around Anniversary Lake offers a mostly flat walk of about 750m.
  • The whole park circuit (including Basalt Lake) is 2.5km of bitumen and gravel.


  • Accessible toilet facilities located in the Visitors Centre and Upper Shelter.
  • A wheelchair is available to borrow at the Visitors Centre.
  • A Mobility scooter can be hired free of charge from the Visitors Centre and pre-booked online.
  • The Visitors Centre can be easily accessed from the car park via a ramp.
  • Asphalt and gravel pathways suitable for wheelchairs.
  • Assistance dogs are permitted throughout the park.


  • The Visitors Centre contains accessible toilets, wheelchair hire and ramp access.
  • Lower Shelter is located 200m from the Visitors Centre with a flat asphalt path. Around the shelter is a gravelled area that is suitable for wheelchairs.
  • Upper Shelter is located approximately 400m from the Visitors Centre and is a moderately steep asphalt path suitable for wheelchair access.
  • Around Anniversary Lake is approximately 750m that is generally flat with asphalt path and suitable for wheelchairs.
  • Around Basalt Lake and Anniversary Lake is approximately 1.5km that is generally flat. Basalt Lake is a gravel path and is suitable for wheelchairs.
  • Outer Park Loop is approximately 3km with a steep gravel path and a gradient of approximately 1:12m on the West Side. It is accessible for wheelchairs however would be strenuous.
  •  Hoo Hoo Lookout Tower is steep with steps and is not suitable for people with limited mobility and in wheelchairs.


With so many photo opportunities across all seasons, we encourage amateur photographers to practice their skills at Wilson Botanic Park Berwick.

Professional photographers who charge a session fee or are taking photos to sell must buy a photography permit before entering the park. Permits are available from the Visitors Centre.

For more information call 9705 5599.

Plants and animals

Wilson Botanic Park Berwick features over 1000 different plants species. Find out more about the plant collection at Wilson Botanic Park Berwick.

The Park is a haven for wildlife. Find out more about animals at Wilson Botanic Park Berwick.

Hoo Hoo Tower

At the Hoo Hoo Tower, you will enjoy commanding western views over the Berwick District and beyond.

The tower was donated by the Hoo Hoo Club of Melbourne. It was designed by a local student, Ahlain Jamolo, as part of a design competition.

The walk to the tower is well worth it.

Directional Marker

Donated by the Soroptimists Club of Victoria, it offers views from the highest point in the park.

Bird Hide

You can try spotting a Cormorant, Cockatoo or another bird from the Bird Hide next to Basalt Lake.


The timber boardwalk leads you through a Eucalyptus forest with views of the Basalt cliff and lake. You can follow the path onto the Bird Hide.


Ever popular with the kids, the playground has shaded areas with a special area for smaller children. It is close to a public BBQ with toilet facilities nearby.

Rose garden

A feature of the park, the Rose Garden is next to the Visitors Centre. In spring, it provides an incredible display of hundreds of different bush and climbing roses.

You can also make a wish in the wishing well.

Camellia Walk

If you love Camellia's, this short walk is for you. The walk is behind the Multipurpose room and public toilets. On this walk, you will see a wide variety of this popular plant and flower.

Sensory Garden

The sensory garden is very popular with children. It is a place completely dedicated to getting lost in the smell, sight, sound and textures of specially selected plants.

Pine Walk

The pine smell is intoxicating. You will feel far from suburbia as you walk up the side of the hill on this gravel path from Anniversary Lake to the Hoo Hoo Tower.


The Gamble Amphitheatre is built into the Southwest Embankment and hosts music and movies for up to 500 people.

Ball Games Area

We have allocated a dedicated ball games area at the top of the park. This is to protect our precious plants at the park.

Kids are invited to play all ball games in this area. With amazing views and adjacent to Ben's Lookout, it is worth the walk.

Ben's Lookout

You can enjoy captivating views to the south at Ben's Lookout. It features a stunning rotunda where you can often find people doing meditation or yoga and enjoying the peace of this quiet part of the park.


We are proud that Parkrun has made Wilson Botanic Park Berwick one of its venues.

Renowned as an iconic Parkrun venue, you will find the 5km course challenging with its varied terrain and hills.

Participants run at 8am sharp every Saturday morning. More information is available from the parkrun website.

Fitness groups

We love seeing fitness groups in the park. Commercial fitness classes such as personal training, group fitness and boot camp classes must apply for a permit.

Contact us on 9705 5599 for more information.

What you can and can't do

Help us nurture the beauty and embrace the ambience of Wilson Botanic Park. Here's what you can and can't do.

  • Enjoy non-alcoholic refreshments
  • Walk, run or stroll our pedestrian tracks
  • Shelter under the canopy of our luscious trees
  • Bring balls, bats and enjoy a game at the BALL PARK
  • Relax at the edge of our beautiful gardens
  • Learn about the wonders of nature
  • Appreciate the view of our 3 lakes
  • Utilise our electric BBQs onsite 
  • Consume alcohol
  • Ride bicycles, scooters, skateboards or rollerblades
  • Set up any temporary shade structures including marquees, tents or café umbrellas
  • Play ball games in any other areas of the park
  • Enter gardens or remove or damage plants
  • Feed or remove any of our native inhabitants
  • Swim or fish in any of our lakes
  • Light fires, use solid fuel or gas BBQs or any charcoal style cooking devices
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