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Sustainability at home

There are many ways to make our homes more sustainable. These tips will help you to be resource-smart in different areas of the home and garden. There are also some fun, educational resources for the kids.

Save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint

The City of Casey are committed to supporting you to make your home more comfortable, affordable and environmentally friendly. There are many changes you can make to improve the energy efficiency of your home and many of these solutions are no-cost or low-cost. 

To monitor your home energy use, install a smart meter through the Victorian Energy Saver Program.

For further support the Climate Clever App helps residents measure their energy use, implement actions, track their use and offset remaining emissions to become carbon neutral.

For ideas to improve the energy efficiency of your home including heating, cooling, hot water and appliances go to Sustainability Victoria.

For advice on solar power and batteries , go to council's partner Solar Savers.

Create a sustainable garden

Looking for some tips to get your sustainable garden started?

  • Plant indigenous plants that are best suited to your local soil and climate. Find out what plants are indigenous in the Casey area.
  • Avoid plants that are known invasive species in our bushland and wetlands. Find out how how to better manage weeds
  • Create a wildlife garden
  • Use water wisely.
  • Avoid using synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.
  • Buy garden products made from recycled or renewable resources.
  • Grow your own fresh, delicious produce and reduce food miles!

Download our Sustainable garden guide for more tips and advice.

Save water at home

By saving water at home you can reduce your water bills and improve the health of our creeks and rivers. There are so many ways to save water at home, you could try:  

  • Installing a rainwater tank
  • Reusing grey water in the garden
  • Creating water-saving habits such as shortening showers or turning the tap off when brushing your teeth.
  • Installing water-saving appliances

Head to the Make Every Drop Count website for more information and great tips. Melbourne Water also has some tips on how you can use and save water at home. Get to know Victoria’s permanent water saving rules to ensure you are doing the right thing at home.  

Reduce your travel emissions

Choosing to walk, cycle or take public transport where possible will help reduce your carbon emissions and have positive impacts for you, too. Sustainability Victoria has tips on how to make sustainable choices about your transport and travel.

Reduce your waste

A lot of our waste unnecessarily goes to landfill. Landfill sites take up space, which could otherwise be used for natural bushland, farmland, and other open spaces. Food waste in landfill also produces greenhouse gases as it degrades. There are so many creative ways to reduce your waste at home.

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Sustainability for kids

Get your kids thinking about the natural world with our biodiversity and green living colouring sheets. Simply download, print and colour at home.

Check out our kids’ web series on Casey’s biodiversity. This series showcases the animals you might find when out and about in Casey, as well as what is in your backyard! Head to the City of Casey YouTube channel to view all 5 episodes.

Sustainability for educators

Engage your students and school community in sustainability and waste related issues with our curriculum-aligned lesson plans and accompanying student resources.

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