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Support we provide for your event

Events calendar

You can add your event to our events calendar. This is a free service.

Community digital event sign

The community digital event sign in High Street, Cranbourne can be used by community and not-for-profit groups conducting events in the municipality.

Each community digital event sign applicant can apply for one four-week display period per event.

To express an interest in advertising on the community digital event sign, please contact the Events Unit on 9705 5200 or complete the community digital event sign request form.

Community Digital Event Sign Application

How we prioritise use of the sign

In order of priority, we will approve the sign for:

  1. Events run by Council
  2. Events supported by Council (through partnerships or direct funding)
  3. Community events
  4. Council messages
  5. Events held outside the City of Casey

Hiring event equipment

You can hire equipment from us to help run your community event. This is a free service, based on availability.

Equipment includes:

  • Chairs (110)
  • Trestle Tables (14)
  • Line Marking Machine (2)
  • Red Plastic Barrier Mesh (8 x 50m)
  • Orange Safety Vests (20)
  • Traffic Cones (100)
  • Traffic Bollards (20)
  • Traffic Barriers (and legs) (5)
  • No Stopping Signs (20)
  • Disabled Parking Signs (5)

Conditions of hire

As part of hiring our equipment, you must:

  • only use the equipment for the reason you hired it
  • acknowledge the City of Casey’s support using signage
  • collect and return the equipment on time
  • arrange to transport the equipment at your own cost
  • only book the equipment for 1 weekend or for 1 weekday
  • replace any damaged, lost or stolen items
  • take responsibility for any injuries, loss or damage from using the equipment

Funding and grants

There are a range of grants and funding available to community groups, organisations and individuals within Casey.

Volunteer Matcher

You can use Volunteer Matcher to find and advertise for volunteers to help at your event.

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