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Street trading permit – conditions

Minimum and maximum distances

You must provide a minimum:

  • 1.8 m width clear passage for pedestrians
  • 0.7m width safety set back from the kerbside to allow for the overhang of cars or opening of car doors
  • 0.5m width clear passage from the side boundaries of the premises to allow pedestrians to access the Pedestrian Zone from the kerbside

This can be viewed in a diagram format.

Placement of objects

All objects must be:

  • placed within the shaded trading zone specified in the template. You cannot place objects against the property line/shop front
  • positioned so browsing shoppers do not block footpaths or other pedestrian access
  • removed when business has ceased trading each day and no object can impair the vision of motorists or pedestrians

Tables and chairs

Table and chairs must be of an outdoor design that is:

  • portable
  • sturdy and windproof
  • stabilised with a rubber pad
  • uniform in design and style within the one premises


Umbrellas used in conjunction with any table must allow a minimum height clearance of 2.2m above the footpath and not protrude beyond the Trading Zone.

All umbrellas must comply with any relevant Australian Safety Standards.

Gas heaters

Gas heaters used on the footpath must comply with AS 4565-2001 (AG405) Radiant Gas Heaters and AS 5601/AG 601-2000 Gas Installations.

Screens, barriers and planter boxes

Screens, barriers and planter boxes cannot exceed 1m height and 2m length. They must only be placed on the perimeter of the approved trading zone.

A-frame and other signs

You are permitted a maximum of 1 A-frame sign per business. The A-frame must not exceed a height of 0.9m and width of 0.6m.

Any other sign must provide a minimum of 2.2m clearance above the footpath.

Displaying goods

All display stands must be:

  • portable
  • a maximum height of 1.5m and a maximum width of 1m

The display of fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables, tinned or dry packaged food and plants must also be a minimum height of 0.6m above the footpath level.

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