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Strategic documents under review

The City of Casey periodically reviews all strategic planning documents.


This review process is Council's way of ensuring that its strategic planning is up to date, relevant to existing community needs and will continue to meet the demands of the City of Casey both now and in the future. 


Strategic planning documents which are subject to review include:

  • Local site-specific planning strategies such as Development Plans and Structure Plans 
  • Strategies and policies such as the Industrial Development Policy or Medical Centre Policy
  • Council-wide strategies such as the Casey Housing Strategy, Activity Centre Strategy and Green Wedge Management Plan


Current Strategic Planning documents under review 

  • The Cell N Development Plan is being reviewed. 
    This plan proposes to amend the minimum subdivision size from 2000m2 to 1000m2 for the land located at 2-10 Kostic Boulevard, 21-27 Robinsons Road and 31-35 Robinsons Road, Narre Warren North. 
  • The Casey Activity Centre Strategy.
    This strategy is currently under review to replace the Casey Activities Areas and Non-Residential Uses Strategy to ensure an up-to-date approach for developing and maintaining Activity Centres and commerical uses within Casey. 
  • Casey Western Port Green Wedge Management Plan. 
    The City of Casey is currently preparing a Management Plan for the Western Port Green Wedge which will guide the future land use and management practices within the green wedge areas. 
  • Hampton Park Central Development Plan.
    The draft Hampton Park Development Plan is a planning document which provides guidelines for the whole of Hampton Park Central. It provides greater clarity about how landowners can redevelop their properties and guides the future revitalisation of the Town Centre. 
  • Amstel Golf Course Development Plan
    The City of Casey is currently advertising a proposal to amend the Amstel Golf Course Development Plan. The Development Plan applies to the area of the former Amstel Golf Course, located at 1000 Cranbourne-Frankston Road, Cranbourne. The proposed amendment removes a planned retirement village and replaces it with standard housing. Visit the Amstel Golf Course page to find the draft Development Plan and details on making a submission.

Process for reviewing Strategic Planning documents 


In most cases, Council strategic planning documents will come under review following a five year period. 

The review process is completed in accordance to Local Government regulation and focuses on community consultation, feedback and engagement to ensure it is relevant to the community. 


An example of a common timeline for the review of Council's strategic planning documents is as follows:

  • The policy of strategy is identified as in need of review by Council 
  • Council officers research and compile supporting information that may be required on the case supporting background information that may be required.
  • A draft policy or strategy is prepared. Some initial consultation may occur through this period.
  • The draft policy or strategy is presented at a Council meeting typically with a recommendation to place the draft document on public exhibition for a set period of time to prompt community feedback.
  • Submissions and feedback is collated and the draft document is updated to be presented to a Council meeting for final adoption by the Councillors.
  • In many cases, subsequent to Council adopting the strategy or policy implementation may be needed such as a Planning Scheme Amendment. However, in some cases this may be undertaken concurrently with the exhibition of the strategy or policy to expedite the process.

Plans adopted or amended by Council 

There are existing planning strategies and policies which have already undergone a review or have been adopted by Council. To view Council Planning Strategies and Policies that have recently been adopted, see: Planning

Many strategic planning policies or strategies are implemented through the Casey Planning Scheme.
From time to time amendments are made to the Planning Scheme itself.

Planning Scheme Amendments which are currently under consideration can be found online. See: Current Planning Scheme Amendments


Submissions or more information

For more information or to make a submission, please contact Andrea Echeverry, Strategic Planner on 9705 5200 or