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Trading hours

Opening your doors to the world means letting people know when you are open and closed. This is applicable for many types of business operation – whether you have a physical shopfront, your services are appointment based, or you have specific contact hours, your customers need to know when you're operating.

While you may want to be operating certain hours of the day or night, you need to keep in mind your target audience – think about when your audience might be more likely to need or use your business.

  • When will your customers be active?
  • Are they early birds that prefer to get their appointments or shopping done before noon?
  • Do your customers work full-time and can only use your services after 5pm or on weekends?

Whomever your customers may be, you need to be open when it best suits them – after all, they are the main component that will keep your business running. Take note of when you think your customers will want to use your services or browse your products, and combine it with opening hours that suit your needs too.

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