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Social media marketing

This is the perfect opportunity to use your current network to reach out to other businesses or people that resonate with your brand. While launching your marketing plan, be sure to network with other businesses where you can – this will pay off in the long run and can make for strong business relationships in your area.

The rise of social media and the dent it’s made in our everyday lives is unavoidable; this is why many businesses implement social media into their marketing strategies. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others are free for users and businesses, creating a way for businesses to connect with their audience in an affordable, easy way.

With the social media age comes social media influencers; this is someone who has an influence over their large audience (generally having over 10,000 active Instagram followers) and once they endorse a product, their followers are more likely to try it because they trust the influencer and their reviews. Find influential bloggers in your industry and send them your product or invite them to try you services in return for a review on social media; this provides you with business exposure to a new customer pool you wouldn't easily have access to.

Traits of a successful brand

What makes a brand successful:

  • A reputation for product quality and reliability
  • A reputation for excellent service
  • Known for community involvement
  • An employer of choice
  • Easily recognised and understood
  • Keeping customers informed and responding quickly to customers' needs
  • A trend-setter, and up-to-date with market trend
  • Known as honest and fair
  • Readily accessible products/services
  • All personnel are knowledgeable about the product/service.

Keep these points in mind throughout the launching process and when you need fresh perspective throughout your business’s existence.

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