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Home-based businesses

Planning approvals and guidelines:

Before considering a home-based business, you as a business owner need to look at and understand that if your business does not meet the City of Casey's Home Occupation Guidelines then you may need to apply for a planning permit. We recommend you speak to a Council Planner to determine all options before submitting a planning application.

In some cases where a planning permit is not required, it is still handy to have a written response from Casey’s Planning Team by submitting a planning enquiry.

For signage and car parking rules on private properties, please see the Council's Home Occupation Guidelines to determine if your home-based business is acceptable. If your business does not comply with the guidelines, you will need to lodge a Planning Permit. For more information contact the Casey Planning Team on (03) 9705 5200.

Signage on public property concerns the Community Local Law 2018 and Street Trading Permit must be filled out for frame or board advertising signs.

Health department approvals

If your business is, for example, a beauty salon, hairdresser, or a baker making cakes from home, there is equipment such as sinks or stoves that you need to have before starting your business.

Before you can make any drastic changes to your business space, you need your plans approved by the City of Casey's Health department. If an inspection is done at the end of the works and do not meet requirements, you will be asked to make alterations which can be a costly exercise.

Take a look at the process while thinking about your home-based business venture:

  • Submit Floor Plans: Two (2) copies of the premises’ floor plans must be submitted and approved before commencing any works to the premises. The plan must show all relevant details, these include dimensions and details of fixtures and fittings.
  • Wait for letter of approval from the City of Casey Health Department: Once you have received a letter of approval, works may commence to alter the premises. However, it is advised that progress inspections be conducted whilst works are carried out.
  • Final Inspection and Registration: Once a final inspection has been conducted at a premises, you will be provided with an application form.

You will also be advised that your registration with Council is renewed every year. Some works need building permits, done through private building surveyors, especially for works in the home garage.

Child Care Centres and Family Day Care

Do you know the difference between Child Care and Family Day Care?

Child Care Centres:

  • Private businesses
  • Required to have a Council planning permit or approval if building a new centre
  • Required to have planning permits or approval if within a residential area
  • Required to have their kitchen registered with the Council’s health department

Family Day Care:

  • Educators need to complete or registered into Cert 3 in Children's service (minimum qualification)
  • All residents (who live in the house where care is provided) over the age of 18 need to have a WWCC (Working with Children’s check)
  • The educator needs to have a WWCC and a current Police check
  • To be registered with the City of Casey’s Family Day Care department – however there are some that are run privately
  • May need a building permit – usually a large room is added or included in the build of a home

Animal breeding or domestic animal business

What is a Domestic Animal Business?

It is a requirement that all domestic animal businesses are registered with Council under the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Domestic Animal Businesses include the following:

  • An animal shelter, Council pound or pet shop
    dogs – 3 or more female dogs
  • An enterprise which is run for profit that undertakes the breeding of dogs or cats; or
  • An enterprise which is run for profit that undertakes rearing, training or boarding of dogs or cats

These businesses must comply with the requirements of the relevant Codes of Practice.
These Codes of Practice have been made by the State Government (Department of Primary Industries) and set out guidelines on how these businesses must operate.

Other permits

Roadside Trading

This law refers to roadside trading as well as any other form of commercial trading on public land for example flower vans, hot food or beverages and so on. Register for temporary and mobile food premises.

  • Activities on council land require Public Liability Insurance
  • A site plan indicating location of activity is required to be lodge with application
  • Permits must be renewed annually on date of issue
  • No reminder is sent – up to customers to renew

Permit conditions – Roadside Trading on VicRoads land/road

  • Only 1 fee to be paid
  • Paid once permit is granted
  • Permission from Vic Roads must be obtained first
  • Applicant must have a permit from VICRoads, before applying for a Council Permit and it must be handed in with application form.


  • Visit Streatrader for information on how to set up a temporary or mobile food business and is the place where you apply to register these types of business.
  • City of Casey – Temporary and Mobile food premises for information on road side trading permits.

Local water authority:

Tobacco Act requirements:

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