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Naming your business

A name can make or break a business; it’s something that should not be taken lightly as it forms your business’s identity.

While the name should be memorable and easy to pronounce and spell, it also needs to stay original and new to stand out to your customers – in saying this, it should not be similar to already existing business names, especially those in your industry.

The tricky part is keeping the name short, appropriate and professional, while being descriptive (to be clear with your audience), and functional (to bring up great marketing results).

The name could be something that ties to your businesses ethos, holds a sentimental significance to you, or something to do with the industry you’re in.

Personal names

If you’re not a fan of naming a business, why not name it after yourself? You can choose to use your personal name for your business, so you’ll forever be associated with it! If you're using your personal name (e.g. Jane Smith) as a business name, there's no need to register it. However, if you want to call your business 'Jane Smith & Co', this would need to be registered, as '& Co' is not part of your personal name.

Check if it is already taken

Got your name ideas? Check to see if the names you want are available to register by searching the business names register and company registers on the ASIC website to confirm the availability of your chosen name.

If you plan on having a website for your business, check the domain name to see if your business name has been registered with another business.

While registering a business does not automatically give you rights to the trademark, you should search Intellectual Property Australia to confirm your business name isn’t registered as a trademark. Your name is automatically subject to copyright, but you can protect your name or idea under trademark.

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