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Whether you have a marketing plan ready, working on it, or not sure where to begin, this section can help you decide what marketing tools are the best for your business.

It’s time to find ways to reach your ideal customers through traditional and digital forms, which is imperative to maintaining growth for your business.

What does marketing have to do with it?

Marketing brings your business into the light for new customers; it's an effective way to reach your community, create returning customers and help you turn a profit.

Here’s how marketing can help your business:

  1. It shows your customers what product or services you offer
  2. You can advertise the price of your product or service in engaging ways
  3. Display your position in the marketplace – whether it’s a physical store, online or via social media
  4. Helps you promote your business to your target audience in an effective, fast way
  5. Having a network of businesses or like-minded people behind you will help spread the word – the power of ‘word of mouth’ is invaluable
  6. The people involved, such as staff or online support, will help your marketing by delivering quality customer service team that will have customers coming back if they had a good experience
  7. The processes implemented by your business to make it easy and efficient for yourself and customers can speak for itself – a great overall experience means regular customers
  8. Your physical working environment will have an impact; if your equipment, website, showroom, or staff create an unpleasant customer experience, it can impact how customers view your business.

Advertising your business

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on effective advertising campaigns; there are many ways to promote your brand while keeping your target audience in mind.

Apply your marketing plan to your campaigns and you’ll be showing your ideal customers exactly what they can expect from your business.

Some options for advertising

  • Traditional forms of advertising:
    • The local newspaper, magazines or newsletters
    • Distributing engaging flyers
    • Larger scale advertisements like billboards, TV or radio ads
    • Business cards
  • Digital forms of advertising:
    • Business website
    • Google AdWords to increase traffic to your website
    • Social media advertising such as Facebook and Instagram paid ads: reaching your ideal audience to gain followers and exposure to your brand or website

Take advantage of the myriad of varied opportunities ripe to help you widely promote your business, both within and outside of the region, visit the Casey Cardinia Region website for more details.

Share your business story with City of Casey’s Economic Development team for your chance to be featured in the local newspaper and throughout the local news group’s online platforms, and start spreading the word about your business to the community.

Star News Group

03 5945 0666

Responsible for:

  • Berwick News
  • Cranbourne News
  • Berwick Gazette
  • Pakenham Gazette
  • Dandenong Journal

Leader Newspaper

03 9875 8333

Responsible for:

  • Cranbourne Leader

Advertising Laws

Remember: the marketing messages that represent your products or services should be accurate, true and able to be substantiated. Honest advertising practices are governed by law and there are fines for businesses that mislead consumers, whether intentionally or not.

Find out more on laws for marketing and advertising you need to abide by.

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