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Licenses you need

Can’t figure out what licenses and registrations you need? Use the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS), which helps you find all the local, state and federal licenses, registrations and permits you need – handy right?

Some common search terms that you can use to assess the licences that you need include:

  • Hospitality service - cafe operation, restaurant operation, takeaway food operation, mobile food van operation
  • Electrician - electrical installation work
  • Beauty, health and wellness business - personal fitness training service, hairdressing services, beauty service
  • Online and other businesses - online business, clothing accessory retailing.

Own It Online

Signed. Sealed. Registered! If you haven’t registered your domain name and social media handles yet, do so before they are taken!

If you need to know more about how to register a domain name, check out the Common Registrations section.

Customers can type your web address straight into a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari on their computer, smartphone or tablet. If they use a search engine like Google or Bing they can also find your website by typing in a question or keywords, even if they don’t know about your business, they can stumble upon you! This happens with the help of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) words, find out why being easy to find on the net is important.

Integrate with social media

Social media is a great, free tool for marketing your business to customers. If you're planning to use social media to market your business, it's a good idea to check if the handle (@yourbusinessname) you want is also available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media channels you'd like to use.

Try to keep your business's handle consistent throughout the social media platforms you use, that way your customers will be able to find you with ease if your name is the same. There's nothing worse than coming across @your_business_name on Instagram and on Twitter, especially if you share a similar name with another business; pick one type of handle and stick to it!

When you start marketing your business online, using social media channels makes it easier to send a credible messages to your customers – make sure you note these down in your marketing plan. Register your business’s name on your preferred social channels now!

Not sure what social media channels are for you? Head to Tell The World for more.

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