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Let's open

Tell your audience, family and friends that your business is officially open – share the news on your website, through email marketing, social media and using traditional forms of advertising to get the word out there!

A great way to build up hype is to set a launch date, and when your business’s launch is approaching you can post a countdown every week or days leading up to the date on social media, have a live countdown on your website, or provide ‘sneak peeks’ of your products or services to customers who subscribe to your receive emails.

You could:

  • Host a launch party with close family and friends
  • Official opening day (grand opening) with incentives for guests
  • Give the first 30 customers a discount code or voucher
  • "Become a member" or receive first product/service for free for new clients

Having a party to celebrate the beginning of your new business venture is a great way to show appreciation to everyone involved in helping you get to where you are, and saying thanks to your support system. It can also provide social media influencers and bloggers with content and help your business reach their followers, giving you exposure to a new audience.

Well done! Proceed to Grow together