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Brand it

An exciting part of starting a business is creating the brand and logo; your brand reflects who you are as a business and is the affiliation your customers will have with what your business does.

Every visible aspect of your business should fit your brand image including the uniforms, business cards, office decor, warehouse, vehicles, website, people, stationary, forms, invoices and so on. Your brand name has a value once your business has launched, and is an invaluable asset.

It’s more than a logo, slogan or packaging – it captures how you’re perceived in a professional setting – it’s your image and reputation.

Create your brand by contacting a graphic designer, marketing agency, or design agency – these professionals work with you to build your brand and image with the ethos and values of your business in mind.

Having a brand guidelines like a colour scheme and specific font is an efficient and simple way to keep your business’s image in order at all times, no matter where it’s needed.

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