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Smart City Activations

  • Opens: Monday 03 October 2022   
  • Closes: Tuesday 31 January  2023, or until funds are exhausted (whichever occurs first) 
  • Amount: Up to $40,000 per application (with 1:1 matched co-funding cash contribution) 

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Purpose of this fund

With the growing deployment of smart technology in spaces across Casey, there is an opportunity to partner with the development and property sector to co-fund the delivery of smart solutions in new and existing developments and precincts, including new estates and established sites.  

This is a pilot program to test a new approach of partnering with those who are involved with the ‘building’ of the City of Casey, by delivering Smart City activations in projects about to commence or that are currently underway.

What are the objectives of the fund?

The objectives of the fund are:

  • To increase the deployment of smart solutions in new/existing developments and precincts that promote public amenity and align with the Smart Casey Launchpad. 
  • To streamline the data capture and management into Casey systems. 
  • To build capability with the development sector to encourage innovation and new approaches. 

Who can apply for this fund?

To apply for this fund, you must:

  • be a developer, builder or property group constructing or operating a site in the City of Casey
  • have a shovel ready project or new development underway, or a willingness to retrofit an existing development, that could incorporate a Smart City activation within the next six months 
  • be willing to share the data captured from the Smart City activation with Council (at no additional cost)  
  • provide co-contribution funds with at least 1:1 matched funding (cash only) 
  • have a level of public liability insurance up to $10 million  
  • have Work Cover insurance  
  • obtain a Working With Children Check, if required 
  • submit a detailed project plan with milestones, community benefits, desired impact, and transition plan for ownership of asset/infrastructure  
  • submit an itemised budget detailing how you will spend the funds including the whole of lifecycle costs of the solutions (ongoing management costs)  
  • submit your application and documentation online through our Smarty Grants system 

Who cannot apply for this fund?

You cannot apply for this grant if you are:

  • not a developer, builder or property group constructing or operating a site in the City of Casey 
  • an individual  
  • a non-registered business 
  • a political party and/or group  
  • a government agency, department, or public entity  

Funding Requirements

The solution must be shovel ready and to be completed within 6 months of successful notification of proposal. The project must occur within the City of Casey and be part of an existing development or infrastructure project.  

In Scope

We are looking for solutions with tangible output. To ensure that the funds are aligned, each application must include the whole of life maintenance and data management costs, including proposal of who will manage the data and sensor solution post implementation.  

Priority areas include solutions that address pedestrian and vehicle counting, and digital connectivity and inclusivity. 

Overall, smart technology solutions that are in scope are:  

  • Smart furniture (with Wi-Fi, charging points, and/or solar)  
  • Sensors (people/vehicle/pedestrian counting, water monitoring, microclimate, flood monitoring etc) 
  • Digital Wayfinding  
  • Smart BBQs 
  • Smart Bins 
  • Smart lighting with 5G neutral hosting infrastructure 
  • Other smart technology or concepts that solve a defined community challenge 

There needs to be consideration of current Council suppliers and linkage into existing systems wherever possible. The hardware should be solution agnostic with the ability to feed data into Council’s open data platform via free APIs.  

Out of Scope

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 
  • E-scooters 
  • Sensors and smart technology that does not adhere to vendor due diligence. For example, proprietary software  
  • Smart technology that does not solve a defined community challenge and does not align with Smart Casey Launchpad 
  • Ongoing operational costs such as utilities (electricity, gas, and water), staff wages, rent or insurance (except in the case of start-up costs for new groups).  
  • Grants programs, prizes, awards, donations, or events.  

How to Apply

  • All applications must be submitted online using the Smart City Activations in New Developments application form on Smarty Grants. Access the form from 03 October 2022.  

  • Applications must include additional information as specified. Supporting documents and attachments must be in electronic format and submitted as part of the online application process. The application must be submitted by the due date. No paper applications will be accepted or applications outside of Smarty Grants will be considered. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.  

How we decide on successful fund applications

To access the fund, the applicants must be a developer or builder operating in the City of Casey, and must have a solution that: 

  • Aligns to the Smart Casey Launchpad focus areas  
  • Solves a clear community and/or Council challenge 
  • Be ready for implementation in Casey within 6 months of application, or by June 30, 2023 
  • Provide a clear co-funding split between Council and Developers 
  • Show market scanning and procurement readiness of the proposed solutions 

If your application is successful

  • We will notify you by email or phone to organise a project kick-off meeting.  
  • You will need to read Council’s Grants Policy.  
  • If you have any outstanding payments to Council, you will need to clear these before we can pay the grant.  
  • Please note that some installations may require Council permits and approval. In this case approval must be obtained before grant funds can be paid.  

Useful Information

Conditions of Funding

All successful applicants must adhere to the conditions as outlined in the City of Casey’s Grants Policy (October 2017) which is available from Council’s website. The following conditions also apply: 

  • Successful applicants will be required to enter into a funding and service agreement with the City of Casey, which lists funding conditions. This must be signed, and appropriate documentation provided before funds are issued. 

  • Successful applicants will be required to provide a statement of expenditure or an audited statement at completion funding period. If Council’s grant funds are not spent, all remaining funds must be returned to Council. 

  • Please note that a Smart City Activations Funding application will not necessarily result in funding or may result in only a portion of the amount requested being allocated. 

  • Groups will need to satisfy acquittal requirements for previous Council grants and funding before funds will be released. 

Reporting and Acquittal

After you have completed your project, you must tell us how you spent the funds and what the outcomes of the project were. This is known as an acquittal process. You must complete the acquittal process online within 60 days of spending the money.  

The reporting format and agreed outputs will be provided upon successful appointment of the funds.  

Download Guidelines as a PDF

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