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Smart City

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As the pace of change accelerates, City of Casey is striving to become a smart city by integrating innovation and technology to support the growing needs of our community.

In 2020, we engaged the Casey community to understand how we can best apply smart technology and innovation. This includes sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), data platforms and devices to improve efficiency, enhance sustainability and increase the liveability of our region.

From the insights, we developed the Smart Casey Launchpad program to harness these opportunities in a collaborative and innovative way.

Endorsed by Council in December 2020, the Smart Casey Launchpad program outlines our approach to coordinating and inspiring smart city action at a local and regional level. As one of the fastest growing Councils in Australia, smart city thinking and action is critical to building resilience, inclusion and sustainability in the region both now and into the future.

What is a Smart City?

For Casey, a smart city is one that puts its community first when applying digital technology, data and innovative practices to improve liveability, sustainability, collaboration and economic opportunities.

Smart Casey will be optimistic, thriving and curious. We will embrace smart thinking and innovation to improve our lives, economy and environment. As a growing community we will be leaders in digital connectivity, sustainability and inclusion.

Read the detailed program and associated implementation plan or continue below for a snapshot.

Smart Casey Launchpad focus areas

The Smart Casey focus areas will drive local action. Guided by our community, these focus areas will create new opportunities for growth, projects and partnerships.

Connecting Communities

Seamless digital connectivity will enhance local community connections ensuring that no one is left behind in the digital age. Council will shape digital democracy opportunities to generate conversations and collective action in Casey. Virtual and physical community hubs will facilitate new connections within our community.

  • Digital democracy 

  • Equity and inclusion

  • Community connection

Smart places and spaces

Walking and cycling around our green spaces will be safer, cleaner and greener. Parks, paths and playgrounds will seamlessly embed smart, digital opportunities into daily life. Behind the scenes, data sharing and analysis will drive efficient asset management and sustainability.

  • Developments and infrastructure

  • Safety

  • Mobility 

Environmental sustainability

Our City will be cleaner, more efficient and powered by data and renewable energy. Smart technology will amplify opportunities to regenerate our local environment and support climate resilience and mitigation. Smart technology will be employed to support circular living.

  • Circular innovation

  • Climate resilience and mitigation 

  • Growing sustainably 

Innovative and dynamic Casey

Testing, trialling and experimenting with new technology will support economic, social and environmental growth. Our curiosity and optimism about technology and innovation will spark growth across Casey. Council will develop a Smart Casey ecosystem to lead new conversations with a range of partners that lead to smart outcomes.

  • Smart City ecosystem

  • Education

  • New jobs and growth

Smart Council

Council will lead by example, driving innovation internally and throughout the wider community. Smart technology and innovation will transform our people, processes and partnerships. Council will reach out to the community to drive community centred innovation.

  • Data-led value 

  • Internal capability

  • Partnerships 

Key projects and actions

There are a range of projects and initiatives happening across Casey to bring the Smart City vision to life. Below is a snapshot of some of the key projects.

Sensing our city - pedestrian activity monitoring in outdoor dining

As part of the Smart City Program - and to respond to the COVID-19 social distancing challenge - Council has installedl a real time pedestrian tracking system.

Residents can now view real time data online that shows the number of pedestrians at Casey’s key activity centres and on the foot paths.
As many enjoy getting out and about again over the summer months, Council has installed pedestrian sensors to assist with COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing, and well as providing valuable data  for future planning.
The Smart City project not only allows community members and businesses to get real information, they can also view data from previous days to help determine when the busiest or quietist times are at each precinct.

This not only offers the residents an opportunity to pick the time they can go out to the precincts safely, but also provides local business owners with insights to enhance business operations, and assist Council in planning safe events and pop up precincts in the future.

To find out more visit Sensing our City.

Digital Activation Program

The Digital Activation Program was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help vulnerable community members get online with confidence and prevent social isolation. The program provided eligible residents over the age of 70, with the option to borrow tablets with data plans, as well as have remote phone support and one-on-one digital skill building sessions.

Council recognises that being a Smart City means finding smart solutions to ensure everyone has equal opportunity and access in digital technology. The Digital Activation Program will continue to grow with new initiatives to support our community towards a digitally inclusive future.

The City of Casey’s Digital Activation Program was recognised for this work and won the Smart Cities Council’s ANZ Smart City Impact Award for 2020 (see article here).

LoRaWAN dashboard

Community and business-focused data and device communications network

The rollout of the Casey wireless communications network has been completed. This network will support the community and business in adopting and taking advantage of modern technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). It uses a technology called LoRaWAN – Low Power Wide Area Network.

Smart devices to control systems

The LoRaWAN technology supports devices to send and receive data for free and allows users to control different systems from remote locations. For example, Casey residents can use a smart device to turn lighting or sprinkler systems on and off. The network will also support future expansion of digital sensors across Casey. It will be able to receive diagnostic information from connected equipment. This will enable higher levels of service availability of council assets. The LoRaWAN network connects devices across more than 80% of the municipality.

Residents and local businesses can access the network via configuring their gateway to the LoRa network and registering this via the dashboard.

The dashboard shows the LoRaWAN gateway locations and realtime data. It represents hourly messages received and daily use across Casey.

There are a total of 11 gateways implemented across the City of Casey. They cover 80% of the municipality; 9 gateways are on a public network and 2 gateways are on a private network. Please refer to the dashboard for usage trends and further location details.

Solar barbeques in Casey

Berwick Springs has installed a solar barbeque that can provide insights into its usage like when it needs cleaning or if there is a maintenance problem that needs fixing. This will allow Council to provide quicker response times to resolve issues.

The solar barbeque uses renewable energy and supports Council’s commitment to sustainability. It provides options for future barbeques in areas where electricity isn’t available. Berwick Springs is the first location of the solar barbeque project. Council will gradually install solar barbeques throughout Casey.

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