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Smart City

Smart City Strategy

Council developed the Smart City Strategy to make use of technology, innovation and data to achieve its strategic goals. The strategy supports Council’s vision to create Australia’s most liveable city. 

Smart City Team

The Smart City team supports the delivery of the Smart City Strategy. The team drives and supports Smart City initiatives across the organisation. They focus on solving Council and community challenges with innovative solutions. Partnerships between departments at Council help build opportunities to apply Smart City concepts. The team’s work is overseen by the community-led Smart City Advisory Committee. This keeps it aligned to both Council and community’s expectations.

Smart City Advisory Committee 

Consultation is a key element to ensuring the success of the projects for the community. The Smart City Advisory Committee began in 2018 to engage ambitious minds from across the municipality. The goal is to partner with Council to oversee the delivery of the Smart City Strategy. The committee's focus is on:

  • the use of technology to solve community challenges
  • discussions on key issues
  • exploring smart solutions
  • creating networking and partnership opportunities to add value to the wider community

Demonstration projects

The Smart City Team delivers many demonstration projects throughout the municipality. They also support and engage with other departments across Casey on Smart City initiatives. The goal is to improve the community’s access to technology by addressing the key parts of the Smart City Strategy. These include:

  1. Technology and innovation
  2. Inclusive, safe and connected
  3. Driven by community needs
  4. A destination that attracts and unites
  5. Sustainable growth, protected landscape 
  6. Thriving economy 
  7. Accessible and well-connected
  8. Efficient, effective and customer-focused 

Aboriginal Gathering Place – digitally connected street furniture trial

Public Wi-Fi at the Aboriginal Gathering Place is successful with the community during daily operating hours but didn’t meet the community’s needs after hours. The Smart City and Landscape team worked with the Aboriginal Gathering Place team to resolve this challenge. As a result, a digitally connected bench will be placed in the park next to the Aboriginal Gathering Place. The connected bench will provide access to Wi-Fi and charging stations at all hours for the community while they visit the park. It's the first location within the City of Casey to implement this exciting technology.

The LoRaWAN Network

Community and business-focused data and device communications network

The rollout of the Casey wireless communications network has been completed. This network will support the community and business in adopting and taking advantage of modern technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). It uses a technology called LoRaWAN – Low Power Wide Area Network.

Smart devices to control systems

The LoRaWAN technology supports devices to send and receive data for free and allows users to control different systems from remote locations. For example, Casey residents can use a smart device to turn lighting or sprinkler systems on and off. The network will also support future expansion of digital sensors across Casey. It will be able to receive diagnostic information from connected equipment. This will enable higher levels of service availability of council assets. The LoRaWAN network connects devices across more than 80% of the municipality.

Residents and local businesses can access the network via configuring their gateway to the LoRa network and registering this via the dashboard.

LoRaWAN dashboard

The below dashboard shows the LoRaWAN gateway locations and realtime data. It represents hourly messages received and daily use across Casey.

There are a total of 11 gateways implemented across the City of Casey. They cover 80% of the municipality; 9 gateways are on a public network and 2 gateways are on a private network. Please refer to the dashboard for usage trends and further location details.

Solar barbeques in Casey

Berwick Springs has installed a solar barbeque. The barbeque can provide insights into its usage like when it needs cleaning or if there is a maintenance problem that needs fixing. This will allow Council to provide quicker response times to resolve issues.

The solar barbeque uses renewable energy and supports Council’s commitment to sustainability. It provides options for future barbeques in areas where electricity isn’t available. Berwick Springs is the first location of the solar barbeque project. Council will gradually install solar barbeques throughout Casey.

Other projects

Council is involved in many other innovative projects. These include:


The Smart City Strategy recognises the need for sensible partnerships across many sectors. 

Create a digital ecosystem with accessible data

The value in data is in analysis and it's only possible to analyse data if it's accessible. The reality is Smart City initiatives can't run through a single data platform. They need a digital ecosystem that connects all kinds of solutions. This will give our residents a holistic view of the city.

Promote connections with other local governments

There are 79 local governments in Victoria, many of them trying to tackle the same challenges. Partnerships can provide opportunities to collaborate with other municipalities. 

Bring knowledge, creativity and passion to the table

Valuable partnerships can provide technology, digital products but also concepts. Partnership selections are based on creativity and passion, as well as technical capability. Please contact us with your ideas on making Casey Australia's most liveable city.

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