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Selandra / Balla Balla Community Centre update



In 2021, the State Government announced its plans to build a new community hospital in Cranbourne. After a long search for an appropriate, accessible site, the Casey Complex was identified and purchased to start construction in 2022. This site is the current home of Balla Balla Community Centre and Council has been working with the committee and Manager to find a new home for their thriving centre.  

As part of the partnership to shape the future and timing of the organisations relocation, it was decided that the existing Selandra Community Hub site at 7-9 Selandra Boulevard, Clyde North would be the future home of Balla Balla Community Centre.

Balla Balla Community Centre is thrilled to have this opportunity to bridge two communities and have those communities learn from each other. Balla Balla community to bring their 15 years of experience building a healthy, connecting community to the new and emerging community of Selandra who will bring their energy and hopes for the future. 

Key points

  • The Balla Balla Community Centre will relocate to the existing Selandra Community Hub in Clyde North from January 2023. Programs and services will continue to operate as normal for both centres until this date.
  • Managers of both centres will be working together to design a smooth transition and amalgamate the two organisations for the community, hirers and members.
  • We are committed to working with each group regarding staffing arrangements and supporting them in finding alternative hire arrangements where applicable. One-on-one sessions are available to discuss options.



Date action
21 Nov  Selandra Community Hub will be closed to the public.
31 Dec Selandra Community Hub hirers cease 
1 Jan Balla Balla Community Centre commences operating from the new location

Regular Hire for 2023

For regular hire in 2023, please forward your enquiries to [email protected]


For enquiries regarding this transition, you can also contact:

Selandra Community Hub

Balla Balla Community Centre

    Cranbourne Community hospital

    Information about the upcoming community hospital in Cranbourne is available on the Victorian Health Building Authority website.

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