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About the Safe Around Schools program

Safe Around Schools is built around shared responsibility for road safety - Council, schools, parents, and students working collaboratively. The program uses a mix of improvements – engineering, education, engagement, encouragement, and enforcement – to improve road safety around schools and increase levels of active travel to school. The Safe Around Schools program services Casey's 97 primary and secondary schools and is run by the City of Casey's Road Safety Education team.

•    All children deserve to get to school safely.
•    Getting children to school safely is everyone’s job
•    Think before you park, drive, drop off and pick up.

Be courteous and aware

•    Follow signs, road rules and parking signs. They are there to keep our children safe.
•    Be extra careful and patient around schools. 
•    Slow down and be alert! Children can be unpredictable. Remain careful, especially at the busy morning and afternoon school times.

Please note that animation captions can be translated into your community language.

Keep the pick-up zone moving

A Drop off¬ Pick up Zone is a special place to quickly drop-off or pick-up your child when you use your car. You can only stay in the zone for 2 minutes each time and you must stay with your car.

Parking sign

This no parking sign means that the area is a Drop off¬ Pick up Zone.  The times may be a little different at your school, but the rules are the same. Fines can apply if the signs are not followed.

Watch this short 2-minute animation to see how to use the Zone effectively and safely.

Please note that animation captions can be translated into your community language.

Use school crossings

•    Casey’s School Crossing Supervisors are trained to help children to cross the road safely. 
•    Use the school crossing. It is the safest place for children to cross the road. 
•    Keep the school crossing clear. Do not stop your car on the crossing. It is dangerous and illegal to block the crossing.

Please note that animation captions can be translated into your community language.

Reduce Car Trips

•    Try to walk or ride to school. 
•    Use your Walk to School map to find the best walking route to your school.  If your school doesn’t have a map, you can request one here.
•    Park a little further away from school and enjoy a short walk - avoiding traffic and parking pressure.  Many schools have nearby sporting Reserves with parking that families can use during the week.
•    Carpool with a friend.  

All of the above information is also available in PDF format in English, Easy English & some translated languages, please contact us if you would like copies.

Book a consultation for your school

As part of the Safe Around Schools program, school communities can request Council's dedicated team to discuss road safety issues around your school precinct.  During the consultation we can discuss your needs, issues and potential activities or resources available, which may include:

•    Physical and digital resources for sharing with parents
•    Observation visits to gather data and understand issues
•    Mapping of safe walking route options for families
•    Signage for Drop off Pick Up Zones
•    Activity sheets and resources for students
•    On-site visit to engage with families and/or students around specific concerns
•    Presentations to parents, transition & orientation events, student leaders and School Council

Book here.

Council's role in school parking

Keeping children safe as they get to and from school is everyone’s responsibility.

To keep children safe around schools, Council is proactive on education and enforcement. 


The Safe Around Schools program is an example of Council's commitment to help educate parents, teachers and students to improve community safety. Council encourages all residents to make sure they understand how to park safely around schools in Casey.

For further educational videos and resources, please refer to the 'Resources' section at the bottom of this page.


Council's Authorised Officers monitor school parking areas and enforce parking zones and restrictions under Road Safety Road Rules legislation.

This enforcement helps create a safer environment for students, as well as parents and teachers. Learn how our parking officers enforce parking or report a school parking issue.

Resources for parents and teachers


For more information on the Safe Around Schools program, please email [email protected] or call Council's Road Safety Education team on (03) 9705 5200. 

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