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Practice room 1 - the Factory

Located downstairs this room is suited to small group activities, singing lessons and meetings.

Key features

  • Sprung dance floor for solo training
  • Heating/air conditioning
  • An acoustic piano
  • 10 chairs




  • Reg NFP hourly - $8.75 per hour or 20.25 per 3-hour session 
  • Cas NFP  - $11.75
  • Small Business - $11.00
  • Reg Commercial - $17.50
  • Cas Commercial  - $24.25

How to book

We recommend that you organise a time to visit the facility and take a tour to discuss the options.

To apply to hire a room, please fill out our Hire Request form.

Please return your completed form:

You must have public liability insurance

You must have public liability insurance when hiring rooms at the Factory.

If you are a regular group hiring on a weekly basis,you must provide your own insurance cover to a minimum value of $10,000,000. This includes cover for your activities at The Factory. You can obtain this type of insurance from a number of Australian underwriters.

Casual hirers with no insurance must purchase Council's own public liability insurance for occasional users. You will be charged an additional $15.00 per booking.

What happens next

  • Once your booking has been accepted you will be required to come into the office and complete a 45 minute facility orientation. You will learn about how you can use the room, the alarm system and OH&S etc.
  • Upon signing a City of Casey Hire Agreement and paying a bond, you will be issued with keys to your room.

Technical specifications

3.4 x 6.4m in size

Events suited to the venue

  • small group activities
  • singing lessons
  • meetings

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