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Loud band room - the Factory

Our loud band room is suited to any bands, hip hop artists, drumming groups etc. who play LOUD wanting to rehearse or record. This acoustically treated space measuring 12m x 8.5m in size is the largest of its type in the south east Melbourne region and is suitable for large groups.

Key features

  • A quality PA system with iPod, CD and laptop connectivity
  • Microphones and stands
  • Chairs and tables
  • Heating/air conditioning
  • Drum riser
  • Amp carpets
  • A break out lounge

We also have a selection of hire instruments and amplifiers available, including:

  • a DW professional drum kit with Paiste 2002 series rock cymbals
  • Marshall and Orange guitar amps
  • Fender bass amp
  • Quality guitar, bass and percussion equipment





  • Not-for-profit – off peak 4 hour session (9.00am - 4.00pm): $69.25 Includes PA system
  • Not-for-profit – peak 4 hour session (6.00pm - 11.00pm): $97.25 (Includes base level instruments and PA system)
  • Hourly booking – Saturday (9.00am - 5.00pm): $29.25
  • Small business rate: $29.50 per hour

Recording studio hire pricing

Prices include use of a sound engineer, recording equipment, effects and amps.

  • Hourly rate (minimum 4 hours): $110.00 per hour
  • Half day rate – 4 hour session: $412.50
  • Daily rate – 8 hour session: $825.00

Hire rates for high level equipment

(Additional to room hire) Instrument/Cost per session

  • Amplifiers: $36.25 per session
  • Electric guitar: $15.00 per session
  • Bass guitar: $15.00 per session
  • Drum kit (incl cymbals): $49.50 per session
  • Drum kit (excl cymbals): $36.25 per session
  • Acoustic guitar: $16.00 per session
  • PA system and vocal microphones: Free of charge with room hire.

How to book

We recommend that you organise a time to visit the facility and take a tour to discuss the options.

To apply to hire a room, please fill out our Hire Request form.

Please return your completed form:

You must have public liability insurance

You must have public liability insurance when hiring rooms at the Factory.

If you are a regular group hiring on a weekly basis,you must provide your own insurance cover to a minimum value of $10,000,000. This includes cover for your activities at The Factory. You can obtain this type of insurance from a number of Australian underwriters.

Casual hirers with no insurance must purchase Council's own public liability insurance for occasional users. You will be charged an additional $15.00 per booking.

What happens next

  • Once your booking has been accepted you will be required to come into the office and complete a 45 minute facility orientation. You will learn about how you can use the room, the alarm system and OH&S etc.
  • Upon signing a City of Casey Hire Agreement and paying a bond, you will be issued with keys to your room.

Technical specifications

Our acoustically treated room is sound isolated and is 12m x 8.5m in size.

Events suited to the venue

  • recordings
  • loud activity rehearsal such as rock bands, songwriters, hip hop artists etc

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