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Hayshed Arts Space

The newly refurbished Hayshed Arts Space is a multi-arts space, perfect for a wide range of creative arts.


The newly refurbished Hayshed Arts Space is a multi-arts space, perfect for a wide range of creative arts. 

Make a booking

To make a booking:

  • Call us (03) 9709 9300 check availability and pay a 50% non-refundable deposit.
  • We will send you the booking form with your booking confirmation email.
  • Review our Terms and Conditions, then complete and return the booking form to [email protected] or to our office.

Events suited to the space 

  • Art exhibitions 
  • Art programs and workshops 

Key Features 

  • Split system air conditioner/heater
  • Kitchenette with single sink 
  • Boiling and filtered cold water tap 
  • Bar fridge 
  • Gallery track lighting system 
  • Exhibition picture rail 
  • Mobile gallery wall/room divider with picture rail
  • 30 cushioned chairs 
  • 8 rectangle trestle tables
  • 1 portable stainless-steel workbench with 4 stools 
  • Free Wi-Fi access 

Kiln Room 

  • Clay sink trap sink 
  • External sink 
  • 2 kilns  


  • 30 seated
  • 50 standing


Community rate 

  • $34.00 per hour
  • $267 for 8 hours

Standard rate 

  • $46.00 per hour
  • $355.00 for 8 hours


  • $350 or $1000 depending on the risk level of the function
  • $150 for projector use 

Optional Extras 

Admin Kitchen $43.00 per hour
The Admin Kitchen located in the administration office building can be hired for an additional charge of $43.00 per hour. This space is often booked for people who need access to a fridge/freezer/oven and require space to prepare and store their food.

Tea and Coffee Box $15
Our Tea and Coffee Boxes accommodate approximately 30 people and include tea bags, ground coffee, white sugar, wooden stirrers, and your choice of full cream or lite long-life milk.

•    Pie warmer 
•    2 children’s tables with 12 children’s chairs 
•    Projector and screen 
•    Portable whiteboard

Technical specifications




Room size

9.95m (L) x 5.2m (W)


Kiln Room size

5.9m (L) x 5.2m (W)



1.9m (L) x 0.77m (W) x 0.9m (L)


Trestle tables

1.8m (L) x 0.75m (W)

Maximum 8

Cushioned chairs

0.93m (H) x 0.45m (W)

Maximum 22

Children’s tables

1.2m (L) x 0.75m (W) x 0.55m (H)

Maximum 2

Children’s chairs


Maximum 12

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