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Consulting room 1 - Selandra Community Hub

Consulting Room 1 is furnished for counselling, small informal meetings and use as a workspace for 1.

Consulting Room 1 is a space designed with a warm ambience suitable for counselling or small informal meetings.

Key features

  • 2-seater couch
  • 2 cushion chairs
  • Lamp
  • Desk with a docking station connecting to double monitors and office chair


5 (1 worker and 4 clients)

Fees and Charges

Fees include a bond, hourly hire fee and additional fees that may apply depending on the type of your group or event. To find out more please check out our Fees and Charges 2022 or speak to a team member on either selandrach@casey.vic, or 03 9709 9615.

Technical Specifications

  • 13m2