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Consulting room 1 - Selandra Community Hub

Consulting Room 1 is furnished for counselling, small informal meetings and use as a workspace for 1.

Consulting Room 1 is a space designed with a warm ambience suitable for counselling or small informal meetings.  

Key features

  • 2 seater couch
  • 2 cushion chairs
  • Dimmable lamp
  • Small work desk with a docking station connecting to double monitors
  • Office chair
  • Small whiteboard


  • 5 people (due to current COVID-19 restrictions, maximum capacity for this room is 3).

Price for regular hire

Fees include a bond, hourly hire fee and additional fees that may apply depending on the type of your event. To find out more please contact a team member on either selandrach@casey.vic, or 03 9709 9615

Community rate

  • $10.50 per hour

Standard rate

  • $14.50 per hour

Price for casual or private events

Please contact Selandra Community Hub as additional fees apply depending on type of event.

Technical Specifications

  • 13m2 

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