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Rooms and venues at Myuna Farm

We offer a variety of rooms and facilities at Myuna Farm for your next event or gathering.

Cottage at Myuna Farm

This party room has a rustic, old fashioned feel to it. It is located across the driveway from the Animal Display Centre. There is a verandah where guests can gather and the host can cook the bbq.

Gazebo 3 at Myuna Farm

This gazebo is just next to the playground, the entrance and the toilets, it can be great to feel close to the natural world in an outdoor space.

Yellow Room

This party room is spacious, well ventilated and 30 meters away from the public BBQs, which are available for use. It is located in the Animal Display Centre, so it is close to the baby animals, which the children can have hands-on contact with under adult supervision.

Pavillion - Myuna Farm

This enormous shed can be hired by large groups on weekends, it provides enough space to accommodate jumping castles and other fun activities that groups may choose to bring in. It is used for horse riding during the week and has a sawdust floor.

Pioneer Shed at Myuna Farm

This is a large shed with a concrete floor that is located across the driveway from the Animal Display Centre.

Signal Box at Myuna Farm

This party room is a heritage train signalling station, it is the original Narre Warren station, complete with train track adjusting levers and other train memorabilia.

Snake room

This party room doesn’t have snakes in it! There are snakes enclosures in the room next door.

Undercover area 1 at Myuna Farm

This undercover area is sheltered and spacious. It is located behind and to the right of the playground, approximately 30 meters from the farm entrance.